craft beer masterclass


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craft beer masterclassSara, Ania, Delia, Aldara, Alessandro

Remember back in December when the fabulous Aldara and I put together Sevilla’s first Craft Beer & Tapas Tour? Well, we’ve been waiting for a good moment to get the rest of the WLT team together (a bit like herding cats) so they could start their craft beer training. And lucky for us, Alessandro – owner of Sevilla’s first craft beer store – offered to give the chicas a craft beer masterclass. It was also a perfect opportunity to welcome our newest member Sara into the fold. Good times. Great team.

back to the gym!


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cuesta sport

I can’t believe it’s been four months (!!!) since my left knee gave out (followed by my spectacular fall up the stairs) and I had to stop going to the gym. Thanks to Sled, I was able to start doing some trigger point therapy, which helped a lot. In fact, I probably could have gone back to the gym a month ago, but with the end of the holidays, my birthday stuff, etc, I probably would’ve missed two weeks anyhow. So this is a photo of my gym that I swiped from their website. Those are the bikes I ride (for a whole hour!) and that’s one of the machines I use (left hand corner). It actually feels great to be back. For now, three days a week.

naughty nivea




Don’t you just hate when this happens? It took me years to find a nice light face moisturizer after I discovered Clinique was too “heavy”. Then I happened on this one by Nivea, which was not only perfect for my skin but was also way cheaper. Over the years Nivea has altered the packaging and even the ingredients, but it remained at the same price and just as nice. THEN I saw this today. They have not only swapped “marine minerals” for “magnolia extract” but also changed the size from 75ml to 50ml and – adding insult to injury – are charging MORE. Yet it’s basically the same thing I’ve been buying for about ten years now. WTF?

we love tapas anniversary


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wlt first anniversary (1)The end of January seemed a fitting time to celebrate the We Love Tapas first anniversary. Not just because we first started training last January, but because we also finally found a date that we were all able to get together! Originally we were going to spend the day in Jerez, but those plans got postponed and so we decided to take a day trip to Triana. :)
wlt first anniversary (2)For those of you who don’t know, Triana is just across the bridge and is actually a barrio of Sevilla (unless you are a Trianero, in which case it is an independent republic ;) ). Anyhow, we had a great time. After visiting the market and ceramics museum we stopped at a few tapas bars before making our way back to the city centre for dessert and cava.
wlt first anniversary (3)

Although we have monthly meetings and other training sessions, it was fun to get together just for, well, fun. Nothing quite like bonding while drunkenly singing American Pie with dessert spoon “microphones”! We actually have quite a few activities lined up over the next few months that we are all looking forward to. And, as always, I feel so lucky to have these amazing women on my team. Thanks for a great day, chicas! xx


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