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sunday song – on the road again

July 5, 2015

Really just down the road … to Málaga!
One of two (so far) planned #MalagaGetaways. Stay tuned!

the sevilla eye

July 4, 2015

sevilla eye

The new noria (ferris wheel)…

loki, king of the stairs

July 2, 2015
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loki king of the stairsWell, he is…

kipling obsession kontinues

July 1, 2015

mas kipling
Someone stop me! I’ve just bought more luggage. Well, the summer sales have just kicked in and so, well, why not eh? But seriously, after this I am all luggaged up. Anyhow, remember when I splashed out on that fab Kipling dufflebag for my London trip in May? Well, this is the smaller non-duffle carry-on version, but in purple. I almost went for the same colour as the duffle, but then thought matching luggage was going a bit too far. Except that I also bought this matching overnight case that slips onto the suitcase handle…

Anna @annalibera is going to scoff because she had actually convinced me that the little case was too expensive and not worth it. But then I realised it could actually double as a handbag if I am going somewhere for the day and wanted to carry some extra stuff with me… AND it was 30% off!  Yeah, yeah… I know. Stopping now.

we love tapas team training

June 30, 2015

wlt trainingI have to say that loving my job has taken on a whole other dimension since I began We Love Tapas last year. Which is that I now get to love other people’s jobs as well! This week I took Team Sevilla out on a couple of training sessions so they could also start doing our fabulous Oldest Taverns Tour. Previously only Peter was doing this tour, but it made sense to have more guide options, especially as it’s becoming very popular. As always, the owners and staff at our bars were keen to make us feel at home, and also to spend time telling the team all kinds of anecdotes along with the history of each bar. I mean, I could do that! But it’s even better when the team gets to hear all this from the people who have lived that history (or at least some of it). And each time I learn something new as well. Best job in the world. And best team ever!  :)

ginger gourmand

June 29, 2015

ginger gourmandLast week while Anna @annalibera was here I also had a long-awaited visit from Naomi @gingergourmand and her husband Andrew @andrewknill. Naomi and I have been Twitter pals for years, so I was very excited when I found out they were coming to Sevilla to celebrate Andrew’s birthday. The night they arrived Anna and I crashed their first meal at Eslava and then we dragged them over to La Pepona because, well, Anna ALWAYS has to go to La Pepona. It’s a beard thing ;). Next day I met up with Naomi & Andrew in the evening for a spontaneous “gourmet tapas tour”, which took us to a few of my fave places. Usually I like to mix things up a bit, but that night we ended up at favourite traditional bars since N & A had already visited a few trendier places. It was lovely.

The cool thing about all the Twitter pals I’ve met over the years is that not only do we have a love of travel, food & wine in common, but usually we’ve been in touch for ages, and know a lot of the same people (either virtually or in person). So when we do finally get to meet up it’s like we’ve known each other for ages. Especially because ALL of us post photos of what we’ve had for lunch. :P


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