new looks for sevilla & spain sites


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azahar sevilla After recently jazzing up my tapas sites (as well as this blog and We Love Tapas), I had a look around for a new look for my travel sites. I wanted some continuity between them, and also a functional and easy to navigate theme. So far I’m happy with these, which I tinkered with a bit more this week. What do you think? Click on the pics to visit the sites.

azahar spain

wlt sherry class


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sherry class collageWhen my fabulous We Love Tapas team showed an interest in learning more about sherry I was thrilled to oblige, and of course we did it in proper WLT style. I’ll write more about it soon on the WLT blog, but for now here is a collage of what we ate and drank. Five sherries from five different bodegas and perfectly paired dishes with each wine. And we prepared all the food ourselves, other than the amazing deep dark flourless chocolate cake by Gollerias. It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

mrs o


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mrs o-001

Meet Mr & Mrs O (aka Ana and Simon O’Reilly). I’ve been Twitter pals with Ana @MrsOAroundTheWorld for ages and have enviously watched her post gorgeous travel pics on Twitter and Instagram. And finally, after twenty years, she returned to Sevilla for a weekend getaway to celebrate Simon’s birthday. They flew in with two friends on Friday evening and I was there to meet them at their hotel and whisk them off for a seriously fun (and delicious) tapeo. What can I say? I even ended up drinking gin cocktails! And rolled home some time after 2 am…

So once again the ol’ Twitter magic has brought more new and interesting people into my life. LOVE Twitter.

the 4 iphones of az


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4 iphones

When I got my first iPhone in January 2009 ol’ camera shy me thought that a good way of showing my mug as an avatar (instead of using a cat or an orange) would be to take a selfie with my cute new phone covering most of my face. And of course the best day to do this would be just after a haircut (and professional blow-dry) so that my usual frizzy “pelo frito” look would be more or less subdued. Thus began a tradition of creating a new avatar with each new iphone. And today was no exception. So here are all my bathroom selfies with iphones 3, 4, 5S and 6S, taken roughly two years apart. You’ll notice that more of my face shows each time, and that I was less free with the obvious touch ups on my most recent pic (though I did allow myself a couple of clicks on the “halo” filter). Vanity, eh?


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