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like a kid in a candy shop

August 3, 2015

170 sherries

DISCOVERY OF THE YEAR. Seriously, how did I not know about this place?? Less than five minutes from my house, a small charming bar that serves over 170 (!!!) sherries by the glass. I have to thank Jaime from Bodegas Faustino González in Jerez for this “discovery” after he told me last week where I could find his spectacular wines (all en rama) in Sevilla. Say hello to my new local…

Taberna Manolo Cateca

sunday song – body’s in trouble

August 2, 2015

Ooooh, haven’t heard this in ages…

fresh milk!

August 1, 2015


This may not mean much to most of you, but this week I FINALLY discovered a place not too far from home where I can buy good fresh milk. Spain doesn’t have much dairy, so most available milk here is that boxed UHT stuff which, frankly, tastes like crap. Unless – or so I’m told – you grow up drinking that crap. Then it tastes like milk. Anyhow, a few years back I discovered they had fresh milk in litre cartons at El Corte Inglés and so I happily bought it there until they discontinued that format, changing to a big plastic 2-litre bottle, which always went off long before it was finished (and also long before the sell-by date).

I had found out about this milk by Hermanos Batato because it’s the same stuff used by an Italian place in the Alameda for its soft-serve icecream, but I was told it wasn’t sold in stores here. Then the other day I saw a small delivery truck pull up in front of a bar and I recognised the logo. So I asked the driver where I could buy this milk in Sevilla and was told they mostly sell to bars and restaurants. Though one exception was this tiny corner store up on calle Feria. Random! And that is how I came to finally have delicious fresh milk at home again. Which I only use in coffee, but it still makes such a difference. Sometimes it’s the little things.

jerez getaway: flamenco

July 31, 2015

jerez flamenco
Since I was visiting Jerez with two flamencos nuts aficionados, Jo @missbishopsgate and Eva @ishowusevilla it was inevitable that we’d end up at Tabanco El Pasaje. Tabancos are traditional bars in Jerez that also bottle and sell the wines they offer by the glass, and El Pasaje is famous for its spontaneous flamenco performances. They also have programmed ones (which you can see above) but people also just drop in and take over the stage, with patrons joining in on the fun by singing along, hand-clapping and dancing. The video below is from my last afternoon in Jerez. I’d stopped by for a bit of amontillado before going to meet Jo for lunch and suddenly this happened! Unfortunately it hadn’t happend the day before when I was there with Eva or for sure you’d see her up there dancing too. Good times. #JerezGetaway #Flamencation

jerez getaway: sherry

July 30, 2015

jerez sherry
Two absolute sherry pleasures this trip to Jerez… revisiting Bodegas Urium and being educated and entertained by the inimitable Alonso Ruíz @alonsourium, who runs this incredible winery with his daughter Rocio @RocioUrium. And the next day a new discovery for me, and a private visit to Bodegas Faustino González to sample their pure “en rama” range called Cruz Vieja @cruzviejajerez. It was great to be inside sherry bodegas again, and sharing amazing experiences with people who are so passionate about what they do. It was also great seeing so many friends again. A few vids…


Sevillanas in Jerez! Bodegas Urium #Jerez. #JerezGetaway #sherrylovers

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More Sevillanas in #Jerez sung by Onubence Alonso. Bodegas Urium. #JerezGetaway #sherrylovers

A video posted by Shawn Hennessey (@azahar) on

Momoko and Fabiola venenciando at Bodegas Faustino Gonzáles #Jerez. #JerezGetaway #sherrylovers

A video posted by Shawn Hennessey (@azahar) on

jerez getaway: tapas

July 29, 2015

jerez tapasYep, we had a few tapas during #JerezGetaway.
Reviews and updates coming soon on Azahar Tapas!


July 28, 2015
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joJo eating whole fried quail.

So you may remember my friends Jo & Mark? Yes, more friends that I met thanks to Twitter (@missbishopsgate @inkjocky). They also very kindly let me stay at their London home in May while I was there and they were away. Anyhoo… Jo was in town last weekend and we spent a fab day out in Triana, having lunch and mucho vino. As you can see below she even got into an impromptu bit of flamenco dancing at one of our stops. Which is also the reason she was here – on her way to Jerez to spend a week studying flamenco. At some point we decided it would be fun if I popped over to Jerez for lunch one day while she’s there, which led me to invite Eva (the flamenco connection), which has since morphed into a last minute Jerez Getaway with Eva and me staying over tonight.

Mixing business with pleasure (as always) I also arranged to finally see the famous Andalusian Dancing Horses and Peter will be coming with me to see that – research! We’ll have to leave early to get there in time to see the museum (I’ve been offered a tour) and then the show starts at noon. After that Eva will arrive and we’ll meet up at our hotel, then meet Jo for lunch after her class. I’m a bit nervous because my lunch with Jo on Saturday ended up being almost 9 hours long, and my first lunch with Eva last week was only slightly shorter. Wish me luck! Off to catch the train now…

Jo getting into it… @inkjockey

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