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mcdonalds revisited

March 24, 2015

bibo burger

For those who missed this… my first McDonald’s “meal” in 40 years. Find out why…
The McDani Burger

momma’s got a brand new bag

March 23, 2015

new kiplingYep, it’s getting to be a thing with me and these Kipling bags. You may recall my first one (that looks almost exactly like this one but is about 1/3 the size), and then last summer when I was in Madrid I found another one on special offer that I thought would be big enough to be more of an all-purpose bag. Turned out it wasn’t, but it was almost big enough so I kept using it. And then I found this baby. Yeah, that stupid gorilla was the first thing to go, but there is room enough for everything I need to lug around, including my iPad mini when I’m travelling. Really I just like the style of these bags, and the fact that they’re machine washable. I don’t think I’ll ever buy another leather bag again.

sunday song – game of thrones

March 22, 2015

Not really a song, but it goes along with my GoT binge-watching this weekend.
Also, I don’t hate it.

rainy saturday night

March 21, 2015

rainy saturday night

Since the first day of spring was all wet and chilly, I spent the evening snuggled up with the cats and binge-watching (actually rewatching) Game of Thrones season 4 (season 5 starts next month and I can’t remember a damn thing from the previous season). So here’s Loki on my lap with his big orange head resting in the crook of my arm, Morcilla having a little grooming session on my “office chair” and Luna (out of shot) over on the sofa. Doesn’t Loki look totally blissed out? He’s one big hunka lurve that guy.

friday foto finder – fruit tree

March 20, 2015

fff - fruit trees (2)This week’s Friday Foto Finder challenge is “fruit tree”.

Yep, this was a tough one… ;)

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tv star!

March 19, 2015
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tv starLa Morcilla in all her glory – TV star!

I know that raincoaster thinks Morcilla looks like the most devilish cat from hell ever, but that’s possibly just about Morcilla looking more intelligent than Rain at times, which makes Rain nervous (ha!). Thing is, Morcilla has never been a “pretty” cat like Luna, but she sure has CHARACTER. Those splashes of vibrant orange, including my favourite “flame” one just above her right eye, make Morcilla a very exceptional “torty”. Then there are those no-nonsense eyes of hers. She really lets you know when it’s a WTF moment.

But possibly the thing I love most about Morcilla is how she always takes the most difficult path. No easy leaping onto my armchair for her, she’d rather do a whole ninja thing, clawing her way up the back of it until she reaches the top and THEN slides down onto the seat of the chair. Likewise she scales up the back rungs of the dining room chairs to reach her destination, and always hut-hut-huts herself up my bedroom curtains SWAT-team style until she reaches the top and then looks around going… oops! She’s fearless, this little one. And she really is little. Barely 3 kilos and quite long and lean. Anyhow, this is a pic of her posing in front of the television. She’s maybe not typical star material, but she has totally won my heart.

bad back is back

March 18, 2015

bad backIt’s baaaaack. And as usual my back “went out”, as they say, while doing nothing at all. It happened yesterday just before the Triana Tapas Tour. I’d gone to the market to chat to some people there and go over my route (since it was my first time) and then I stopped for a coffee before meeting my clients. I don’t know if it was because I got a chill in my back, or because I was leaning forward too much, or both, but suddenly there was that telltale AAAARRGH feeling in my lower back, and when I tried to stand up it was very painful. But after walking around a bit it seemed to loosen up and felt more “tight” than painful during the tour. Same after I got home. Ouchy without being too bad. But then I woke up in the night in agony, so I must’ve pulled something in my sleep.

Today I am on painkillers and slathering on the BioFreeze, and need a crutch to get around the house. Luckily Peter is available to do my Flamenco & Tapas Tour tonight as I don’t think I’d even make it down the stairs. Hope it doesn’t last too long this time. On the bright side, at least I’ll get some work done on the blogs, etc. Oddly, sitting at my computer (and getting up to stretch regularly) is one of the two positions that only hurts a little. The other one is standing.  :(


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