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friday foto finder – invertebrate

October 31, 2014

fff - invertebrate
This week’s Friday Foto Finder challenge is “invertebrate”

I love this dragonfly sculpture by Chiqui Díaz. I wish it was mine.

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laundry basket luna

October 30, 2014

laundry luna

No idea why, but Luna LOVES sitting here. All the time.
The blue doesn’t even match her eyes. Weirdo.

5 year celebration

October 29, 2014

celebration (1)Celebrating 5 years of being cancer-free with Peter, Kyran & Claire.

celebration (2)First stop La Azotea

celebration (3)Then we went to La Pepona

It is still slowly sinking in. And in some ways it’s as much as an adjustment as when I did this in reverse. Except I hope this new feeling doesn’t ever go away – that feeling like it’s Christmas when I wake up in the morning.

the 5 year club

October 28, 2014

pet tac

Today marked a very important milestone for me. I had my “5th anniversary” PET scan – which came back clear! – marking five cancer-free years (I finished my last chemo at the end of July 2009). I almost couldn’t believe it when Pilar texted me while I was out having coffee, saying that everything was okay. In fact, I burst into tears. This one is a game-changer. I won’t know exactly what they have in store for me now until I see the oncologist again next month, but today should be the last of the every-six-month PET scans (will switch to either once a year or possible every 10 months) and I will finally be able to get the chemo port out. That last one will be a relief and I won’t have to make my monthly visit to the hospital to get the thing cleaned out. So it’s all good.  I mean, I’m not “out of the woods” yet. The 5-year mark is kind of random and my case is more baffling than anything. Most stage-IV people don’t stay in remission for this long. But hey, I’ve made it this far and at least for now I am fine, so it really does feel like a fresh start.

As always I want to thank my amazing Nuclear Medicine team – Pilar and Isabel (Ricardo retired last year) – and also all of you for being there with me through all of this. You can all take the next year off.  ;)

A side note: October 28th is the saint day of Santo Judas Tadeo (Jude the Apostle) patron saint of lost causes. Coincidence?

moody monday

October 27, 2014
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intense girlsMy girls, looking intense.

sunday song – don’t worry be happy

October 26, 2014

Battling SCANXIETY by reminding myself that life is lovely and often silly.
And I totally forgot that Robin Williams is in this – bonus!


October 25, 2014

Nope, I didn’t name these. Camper did. Boots called Agatha (which is also the name of one of Sledpress‘s cats). Anyhow, I went out for a walk with no destination in mind (always dangerous) and decided to look in a few shoe shops since Winter is Coming (though you wouldn’t know it by the recent 30º temps). What I had in mind was a simple pair of flat black slip-ons and somehow ended up with these. I think I love them.


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