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sunday song – hallelujah

October 19, 2014

This is weirdly beautiful version. Unless you are clown-phobic.

jane & john

October 18, 2014

jane johnThe last time I saw Jane & John was four years ago in London (a hectic and happy day that included a fishy foot-nibbling session) and the last time they were in Sevilla was springtime 2005. So it was wonderful to find out that they were holidaying at the fabulous Almohalla 51 in Archidona and wanted to pop over for a visit (if you can call a 4-hour round trip train ride “popping over”). Of course a tapas tour was in order and, as you can see, we had a delicious Saturday afternoon together. Then after rooftop coffees and a stroll through the old centre it was time for them to head back to the station… come back soon!

friday foto finder – snowflake

October 17, 2014

fff - snowflake

This week’s Friday Foto Finder challenge is “snowflake”

In Sevilla you have to make your own.

Check out what other Friday Foto Finders are posting over here!

breakfast cats

October 16, 2014
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breakfast cats (1)

It’s become a thing with these two lately. Used to be just Morcilla hanging out with me while I had my breakfast coffee in bed (that first cosy half hour catching up with Instagram on the iPad). Now Loki is getting in on the action. Just need Luna now to make it complete.

breakfast cats (2)

copa jerez

October 15, 2014

copa jerez
In case any of you have been wondering where I’ve been all week… this was Wednesday.
Press trip to Jerez to see which Spanish finalists would compete for the 2015 Copa Jerez.
Followed by posh lunch at Bodegas Tradición.
More about this soon over on Azahar Travels.

anna & jorge

October 14, 2014

ana jorge
It was lovely to see my friends Anna @annalibera and Jorge @jorgeguitian again during their visit to Sevilla this week. And extra lovely to celebrate Jorge’s 10th Blog Anniversary (which will take place at their home in Galicia) a few days ahead of time by taking them out on an impromptu tapas tour. I say “impromptu” because when we met up at the fabulous Eslava I wasn’t sure if we were going to just stay there or move on. But move on we did. Next up was a quick bite at Bar Europa (we’d tried La Pepona but it was closed because of having stayed open for the public holiday on Sunday). As a result of this holiday Bar Europa was pretty much out of more than half its menu – no complaints here as this means their stuff is brought in fresh – and so we had a lovely tapa of baba ghanoush before moving on. Then, since fairly new Mamarracha was open, we stopped in there but were treated so badly (“no you can’t sit at that nice table for 4, you have to squeeze into this horrible table for 2 in the dark room at the back…”) so we said FUCK THAT and moved on. Really appreciated Ann mentioning this on her Facebook account – so often I’m the only one who “complains” (aka: tells it like it is).  Thus we ended up at the always fabulous La Azotea. It was fairly busy (as busy as Mamarracha had been) but without hesitation (or us having to ask) the waiter put two tables together so the three of us would be comfortable. And of course the food was fab too.

Great seeing Anna & Jorge again, which left me wishing they still lived in Sevilla. On the other hand, I always have a place to go – with two expert guides! – when I finally make it to Galicia. Check out their new project (in English) @thekilomEATers.


victor & fran

October 13, 2014

victor fran

Of course I always love it when Victor @welovemalaga is in town, but this time I also got to meet a lovely friend of his from Bilbao, Fran @franthebasque. As usual it was short and sweet (Victor was on a quick break between official tour duties) but I hope he comes back again soon for a proper visit. Here I am introducing the boys to the sublime pleasure that is @BodaguitaRomero‘s famous pringá montadito. Also Victor let me hold his iPhone 6! Watch this space…


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