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ouch ouch ouch!

April 16, 2014

ouch ouch ouch
Before you ask, no I didn’t slip on wax. But this was Semana Santa related as I was distracted by looking at a procession and didn’t see the gaping hole in the pavement. Down I went, not only respraining my left ankle but also spraining my right foot (!!!). Or at least I think – and hope – they are “just” sprains and that nothing is broken. The pain is frankly unbearable if I try to stand so the only “walking” I’m doing is to and from the bathroom (can’t avoid that). My friend Juan has offered to come over and drive me to the hospital but I honestly don’t think I can even make it down the stairs. Fuck.

not so lovey dovey

April 15, 2014
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not so lovey dovey
It always starts off like this, so sweet and lovey dovey. Then after a few licks and Luna is all purry and happy, Loki gives her a massive chomp. You’d think she’d learn. So far I haven’t seen Morcilla fall for this.

signs of spring

April 14, 2014

slippery wax (1)
Or more specifically, signs of Easter in Sevilla. “Wax warning” signs put up around the city along procession routes. I’ve never seen these before so I’m guessing the city has been sued due to slippery wax related accidents…

In case you don’t know, penitents carry long candles during the Semana Santa processions that drip wax (cera) along the way. For a couple of weeks after Easter shoes and car tires make squeaky noises.
slippery wax (2)

sunday song – king herod’s song

April 13, 2014

Palm Sunday. Here we go again…

saturday night at casa az…

April 12, 2014
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saturday night… with a glass of wine and a cat or two on my lap. Heaven.

friday foto finder – game

April 11, 2014

fff game

This week’s Friday Foto Finder challenge is “game”.

Here’s a photo taken a few years ago at the old “casa az” at Christmas time.
The table was set up with Christmas games: chess, backgammon and scrabble.

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a day in jerez

April 10, 2014

lunch in jerez
It was a crazy busy day, starting off with catching an earlyish train to Jerez for a massive wine tasting – about 50 wineries from across Spain were showing off their best. This was followed by this fabulous lunch you can see up there, after which I had a bit of time to catch up with my friend Sylvie who happened to be in town for the day before I had to race back to the station to get the train back home (made it with 7 minutes to spare). As soon as I got back to Sevilla I took the tram to the centre in time to pick up my tapas tour clients for the evening. Phew! I’d like to write more about the wine tasting event on Azahar in Sevilla. Perhaps next week…?


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