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sunday song – on the road again

February 17, 2013

This song has been in my head since writing yesterday’s post about my northern Spain adventure, remembering that gawd-awful food & travel series of the same name, which also used this as its theme song. The series wouldn’t have been so unbearable if it hadn’t featured La Paltrow as one of the four travelling companions. I mean, why bring some scrawny cranky vegan actress along? Why bring anyone along on a food journey across Spain who DOESN’T EAT JAMÓN???

So I probably won’t be adopting this as my theme song when I do my own travel & food adventure next summer, and anyhow it won’t be a “road trip” as I’ll be taking public transit. But I do love Willie’s braids, don’t you?

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  1. Lee permalink
    February 19, 2013 9:01 am

    I’m so glad someone finally mentioned the Gwyneth Factor. I mean I find all of the protagonists of that show about as irritating as heat rash. Batali looks like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon about to burst, and Bittman seems to be on a permanent I.V. drip of pure smug. But if I have to read another interview with La Gweeneh where she purrs about her junior year abroad and how she learned to appreciate the Mediteranean lifestyle, I’ll barf (something I’m sure she’s skilled at). I want to tie her to a chair and make her eat chochinillo.


    • Lee permalink
      February 19, 2013 10:14 pm

      oops. COchinillo. And forgive the crankiness of the above, but I’ve lived in Spain for more than 20 years and when I go back to NYC and people rave about that show, I start itching. BTW love your blogs – I found you because I follow Raincoaster. I look forward to reading more.


    • February 21, 2013 1:32 pm

      Hi Lee and welcome! No apology necessary – can’t agree with you more about the Gwyneth Annoyance Factor.

      Where do you live in Spain?? How cool that you found my blog via Rain. I’ve been trying to get her over here for years.


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