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August 17, 2013

jerezI’ve been working on a few projects over the past couple of months and the one that seems most likely to happen the soonest is this one – my brand new Introduction to Sherry tours!

You may recall the recent impromptu World Sherry Day event that I created for myself on the fly last May… well, that really turned my head and heart around in terms of how I felt about sherry. And having had that experience I thought I would really like others to have that – or something similar – too.

And so… presenting my Introduction to Sherry tours! Starting in October.

Still a bit of work to be done,  getting the bars sorted and also the food and wine pairings, but I am very excited about this. A simple yet intelligent one-night-only sherry experience. I really want to present this in the same way I would like to experience something like this (same as I do with the tapas tours) though there is still some homework to do…

But it should all be up and running by October.  :)

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  1. August 18, 2013 10:51 am

    Love the idea! In Holland we have this raw herring tradition which usually served with jenever (Dutch gin). I was once listening to the radio (in my car) and there was a column of a wine expert and he talked about this herring tradition and that you should think of something else to drink with it. So I shouted “Manzanilla” to my radio (I was alone in my car) and he kept talking “white wine bladiebla… strong taste of the herring bladiebla…” and I kept shouting “Manzanilla”. He ended his lecture with the remark that the best pairing with raw herring was the South Spanish Manzanilla. Of course I started shouting “San Lucar de Barameda”, but he didn’t pick that one up.



  1. sherry, manzanilla & montilla | casa az

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