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reality check

September 3, 2013

reality checkDay after hols and back into Reality big time. First I hit the gym this morning (was really missing that) and ran into a guy I know there who told me that a favourite Pilates instructor is back next week, so I’m going to insert two classes a week into my gym schedule. Don’t get enough around to doing enough stretch and strength stuff on my own.

And now I’m back home getting ready for a “two-fer” hospital visit, to get my chemo port cleaned and also see Dr Ana the oncologist. I had my blood work done before I left for Málaga and so she’ll check that and then set up my next PET scan. Already scanxiety is starting to set in and I’m hoping to not have the scan until at least the third week of September as there is just so much booked already (tours and special events). Plus I am still working on the new projects and have to devote some time to serious study so I can get the sherry tours going. I missed out on taking a Sherry Master course this month and can probably get in for the one next winter, which will be great, but I’d like to get the sherry tours started in October. And so, you see, I really can’t be sick again – I’m way too busy! *fingers crossed*

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  1. September 3, 2013 6:11 pm

    I’m baaaack… and I didn’t even have to wait THAT long (about an hour) to see the oncologist. Which didn’t end up being Dr Ana but instead a substitute doctor I’d never seen before, who spent a good 15 minutes reading my medical history on the computer while I twiddled my thumbs before saying “Wow, you’re really lucky!”. And then he was about to give me a request form for a CAT scan but I told him I always get PET/CAT scans. He said that since all previous PET/CAT scans have been okay the usual next phase is to move me on to CAT scans. So I did a bit of name-dropping and five minutes later was walking down to the Nuclear Medicine dept to drop off my request form for a PET/CAT. I was even able to say I’d be unavailable the week of the 16th – no problem! They would schedule the scan for the end of September. And then I asked if I could get the first appointment at 8 o’clock. Okey-dokey.

    So I’m not only lucky with my health (so far!) but also sooooo very lucky that I know people at the hospital who treat me like a human being, not just a case or disease.


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