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hp dilemma (1)

As some of you may recall, I’ve been going through a computer upgrade dilemma all summer, trying to decide whether to go with another 17″ laptop or an all-in-one 23″ desktop. That question has been decided – I’m definitely going with another laptop. But now another techy-geek dilemma has reared its baffling head… which processor should I get?

Behold two lovely laptops by HP. Both have 17.3″ screens, 12 GB Ram, 1 T memory as well as other similarities. The only difference is that the one above has the new Intel Core i7 processor and the one below has an i5. Oh, and the one above costs 300€ more.

My question is… is the i7 processor worth spending an extra 300€? I mean, I almost hope it is because the Envy above is way prettier than the Pavilion below, but I also don’t want to spend an extra 300€ just for a pretty exterior.

Help? If it matters, I do use my laptop every day for many hours, so speed is important. Also, I do a lot of photo editing and hope to be getting into video editing soon. The other thing is that if I don’t decide which one to purchase by Saturday then I’ll have to wait until another special offer comes along. Right now Fnac is offering a 20% discount.

hp dilemma (2)

pritesh & tareena


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pritesh tareena

Twitter strikes again! My pal Rachel @R_McCormack put me in touch with Pritesh @luvfoodluvdrink and Tareena @TareenaMakeUp when she saw them looking for some Sevilla info on Twitter. I was booked with tours all week but sent them a nice list of fab tapas bars to try out. Then on their last day in town we met up for a quick tapeo, which left me with two new lovely London friends (who may end up becoming lovely Spain friends). I hope so! p and t (1) p and t (2)



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montilla morilesI’d seen this unusual bottle of PX fino posted on Instagram by a few of my food&wine pals, and to be honest thought that it was too gimicky for it to hold an exceptional wine. But I was wrong! I got to taste it at Andalucía Sabor the other day and not only loved it, but also got my interest piqued to start finding out more about Montilla-Moriles wines (sherry-style wines from Córdoba). But first I have to focus on sherry for the upcoming Sherry Educator course. One thing at a time…

22 years ago today…


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22 anniversary… I arrived in Sevilla with a car full of cats (Lua & baby Sunny) and all my worldly possessions. A friend had driven me down from Salamanca, where I’d spent my first year-and-a-bit in Spain. A couple of weeks previously I’d come down to Sevilla to look for an apartment and found this little top floor studio in Mateos Gago, which I couldn’t afford but by some miracle the landlord let me take it without a deposit, so I reckoned it was fate. Looking back I have no idea how I thought I would “make it” here, showing up with no money and no work, and there were indeed some very tough times. But I’m not one to give up on the things I love and Sevilla was, and continutes to be, one of those things.

Just like last year, I will be spending my anniversary working. I have a meeting this morning with the tourism-marketing people at El Corte Inglés, then a lunchtime Sevilla Tapas Tour. And this evening I’ve been invited for cocktails at the opening of a new bar. They say you should never look back, but sometimes it’s good to cast an occasional glance pastwards, in order to see how far you’ve come. Twenty two years ago I couldn’t have dreamed that I would end up so happy with my work, and my life here. It’s going to be a good day.  :)

salón del vino


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salon del vinoSpent a bit of time over the past two days at the Salón del Vino at Andalucía Sabor. I don’t think they’ve done this before – setting up a room where you can try all the wines being presented (so you don’t have to hang around the stands waiting for someone to notice you and give you a sample). Brilliant idea. I much prefer sampling on my own without the bodega rep waiting for my response. Some very interesting discoveries… have been left with a new respect for local wines.


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