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friday foto finder – rain

May 22, 2015

fff - rain (2)This week’s Friday Foto Finder challenge is “rain”…

In Sevilla nobody lets a bit of rain get in the way of enjoying tapas outside.

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missing málaga

May 21, 2015

malaga amor
So this happened last week in Málaga, and I wasn’t there to see it.
Really need to sort out my part-time accomodation there…

Amazing pic by Victor @WeLoveMalaga

summer cold

May 20, 2015
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summer cold

Throat feels like I’m swallowing razor blades,
sinuses so blocked it’s like my face is about to explode.
How are you guys?

where’s morcilla?

May 19, 2015

wheres morcillaShe melts my heart about a gazillion times a day…

ta bs: trip advisor bullshit

May 18, 2015

ta bsWhat the fucking fuck! This is my first ever troll review on Trip Advisor. Hell, it’s not even a review, it’s just someone saying that people should use other resources to find good places to eat. And I don’t know this person – they were certainly never my client. I wonder what the hell is going on with all this recent TA BS. Anyhow, I have written to TA and hope they’ll remove this bogus posting.

Meanwhile, I am loving my own tours and We Love Tapas is growing all the time… no need to buy google ads or have friends post fake TA reviews. We’ll be fine growing organically, just as I have always done with Sevilla Tapas. I have a great team, we have big hearts and are full of passion for what we are doing. But TA is the beast that must always be fed… can’t deny it’s been good for me, but there is also a lot of crap going on there. Sometimes the BEST restaurant in Sevilla is a take-away pizza joint, or an icecream shop. Whatever. I just don’t know why someone would post this particular bullshit.

sunday song – lucille

May 17, 2015

A man and his guitar, Lucille.
Thanks for all the music.

jerez tapas

May 16, 2015

tapas in jerezSo yeah, we ate a bit in Jerez. Click on image to enlarge, but only if you’re not hungry.


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