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September 10, 2014

Had a lovely night out with Charlie @Dundas15 from Glasgow, whom I’ve known on Twitter for quite awhile now. And this week he is back in town! We met up with Peter for a wee tapeo and I ended up rolling home sometime around 1 am… once again Twitter proves itself to be my most valuable social media tool. I’ve met some amazing people there. And Charlie may end up being a neighbour! That would be nice.

getting into hot water

September 9, 2014

hot water
Every year the gas people come around and do an inspection, and there is also an obligatory one every five years that is required by the government. This year the two inspections came very close together, and the annual one was yesterday. I normally just watch the guy do his stuff, thank him, and that’s that. But this time it occurred to me to ask him if he knew why the hot water always cut out during a shower, while washing up, etc.

Some of you already know that the thing I like least about the present casa az is the poky “under the stairs” bathroom. And what makes it even worse is the crap water pressure and this annoying problem with the hot water. Well, I can’t do anything about the bathroom but the gas guy fixed the hot water problem by simply TURNING UP THE TEMP on the water heater. Like duh. This means the water runs hotter so that cold water must be used, which means more water pressure, and no temperature variance. Now I just need a bigger bathroom!

back to school

September 8, 2014

printingMorcilla overseeing the printing

I’ve often thought that September feels like the real “new year”, rather than the first of January. Summer holidays are (mostly) over, shops and bars have reopened, there are lots more people out and about. This week especially has a distinct “back to school” feel to it as I get things organised for the whack of Sevilla Tapas Tours booked over the next couple of months and settle back into a routine of getting chores done and going to the gym. Meanwhile I chip away at the iceberg of blog posts and articles that need to be written or updated, including editing the 3000 or more photos I took over the summer. Any spare time is being spent on putting together my new Trip Planning biz, which is pretty much ready to go but still needs fine tuning before I properly launch it.

It’s also a time for taking care of practical matters like tax stuff (ick) and finally seeing the dentist. I had planned to put the latter off until the next PET scan, but after having lost a fourth filling (plus much tooth) last month, another fell out over the weekend and, well, FIVE half-gone teeth seems like too much to ignore. I’ve got my oncology appointment on the 22nd, so blood work will have to be done before that, and then the quite possibly scariest PET scan of all will be sometime in October. So much hinges on this one coming back clean as it’ll mark five years since my last chemo and – if all is well – a change in how I’m monitored. Most likely I’ll switch to having annual PET scans instead of every six months and maybe they’ll even remove the chemo port. Both of these would be such much-needed positive changes in my life (I can’t even bear to consider the alternative) that I’m almost too scared to hope. I’ll let you guys do that for me. ;)

But at least so far, it’s all good this September. Lots to do, lots of new stuff coming up. Very exciting. How about you? How’s your “new year” coming along?

sunday song – walk this way

September 7, 2014

More Aerosmith! Not intentional, just that this song came my way again this past week and I remembered how much I liked it. Then when looking for a video I found this gem – Steve Tyler and Run DMC together. Had forgotten about this version. Ha.

like an artist contemplating a blank canvas…

September 6, 2014

la artisa aka: new curtains

friday foto finder – lighthouse

September 5, 2014

fff - lighthouse

This week’s Friday Foto Finder challenge is “lighthouse”

The lighthouse at the end of the port in Málaga, and a whole lotta blue.

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sea cats!

September 4, 2014

sea catsWell, they live next to the sea, on the rocks along the Paseo Marítimo Pablo Ruiz Picasso in Málaga. There are dozens of them, maybe more. All shapes and sizes. I always want to take the little ones home. But they seem to have a pretty good life and most look very healthy. Lots of rats down there to feast on. Also there’s at least one mad cat woman who goes down to feed them every day (not me!).


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