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feels like home

November 17, 2014
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home cats (2)The best part of travelling is coming home to these guys.
home cats (1)

sunday song – ferry cross the mersey

November 16, 2014

Ever since I saw this week’s Friday Foto Finder challenge this has been an earworm.
Decided not to fight it…

cádiz getaway – tapas

November 15, 2014

cadiz getaway tapasYep, we had a few tapas in Cádiz.
Watch for new reviews and updates on Azahar Tapas.

friday foto finder – ferry

November 14, 2014

fff - ferry
This week’s Friday Foto Finder challenge is “ferry”

Bidding a fond farewell to El Puerto de Santa María from the ferry (actually a catamaran) taking me to Cádiz. This photo was taken on a previous Cádiz Getaway (November 2013). This year the weather and sea conditions were such that the crossings were cancelled and we had to take the bus to Cádiz. NOT the same…

Check out what other Friday Foto Finders are posting over here!

cádiz getaway – hotels

November 13, 2014

hotel catedral cadiz (3)Two nights away in Cádiz, two very different hotels. Above is the Hotel La Catedral and below the Cádiz Parador. One simple and cosy and the other splendidly luxe. Reviews will be up soon on the Azahar Travel Blog.

parador cadiz collage

cádiz getaway – postcards

November 12, 2014

cadiz getaway 14 (1)

It was blustery November weather during our visit to Cádiz, but although it rained a fair bit it always did so when we were comfortably tucked up somewhere inside (lucky!). And although grey and moody, it was actually quite mild, so quite nice walking around weather. To see more Cádiz postcards have a look at my Instagram and click on the #CadizGetaway hashtag.

cadiz getaway 14 (2)

cadiz getaway 14 (3)

cadiz getaway 14 (5)

cadiz getaway 14 (4)

cadiz getaway – el puerto

November 11, 2014

el puerto 1
First day of Cádiz Getaway was mostly spent in El Puerto de Santa María with friends Steve & Julie. We visited two bodegas and later went out for a fish lunch before heading to Cádiz. Full report to follow…

el puerto 2

el puerto 3


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