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sunday song – summertime

June 21, 2015

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…­uck-chuck a-chuck-chuck

Happy Summer everybody! :)

expertos contra el caló

June 20, 2015

This made me laugh. Yep, we’ll take shade here in Sevilla anytime, anyhow.
Won’t be drinking that shandy though…

about me

June 19, 2015

aboutme stAbout.Me/SevillaTapas

Way back in 2010 I created my first About Me pages and then pretty much forgot about them. Then this week I got an email notice saying that someone I know had started following the Sevilla Tapas page and I went back and had another look. Which ended up with me updating the Sevilla Tapas page and starting a new one for We Love Tapas. So if any of you out there have About Me pages let me know and I’ll follow you too.  And maybe one day I’ll even figure out what these are good for.  ;)

wlt about me



June 18, 2015


Since launching We Love Tapas I’ve been thinking a lot about the relationships I’ve built over the years with the owners of my favourite bars in Sevilla. My connections with these people goes way back, long before I started doing my own food tours about six years ago. So it’s not just “business related”. Actually, it’s not based on business at all. We all just like and respect each other. So when I started my Sevilla Tapas blog back in 2007 they were keen to be a part of it, and when I began doing tours they were all very supportive.

With We Love Tapas I’ve been very fortunate, with everyone welcoming my fabulous Team just like they are an extension of me, and showing them every courtesy. You have to understand that these people don’t need my business. They are all very successful, with packed bars and regular clientelle. So it’s not like I’m doing them any favours by bringing my tours to their bars. Turns out that they end up doing me favours, by holding tables for me and making sure my people get top service, sometimes with a few perks thrown in. Blows me away. Especially as they are constantly being pestered by new food tour companies showing up and wanting deals. I don’t ask for deals. But they help me out and every now and then I’m asked a favour, and of course I’m always happy to help. Because we’re friends. It’s a wonderful working environment… stopping in to visit your friends all the time. I love my job. :)

flavours of spain

June 17, 2015

flavours of spain
I first met Ana & Teresa of @FlavoursofSpain a year ago when they were doing food & wine research near Sevilla. They really only had a few hours here before catching their plane home to the UK, but that was time enough to meet up for a nice lunch at La Azotea.

This week they are back – on holiday this time – to celebrate Teresa’s sister’s 30th birthday and I was delighted to be invited along to be a part of the festivities. We did an impromptu two-stop tapeo, going first to La Pepona and then finishing the evening at Eslava. As you can see, we ate very well (and this wasn’t even all of it!) including finishing off with Eslava’s amazing MANCHEGO ICECREAM. Wow. But Sixto had a special treat up his sleeve, and came out a bit later with a lovely creamy cake and candle.

The wonderful Sixto has brought out a birthday surprise for Louise! Eslava #Sevilla @flavoursofspain

A video posted by Shawn Hennessey (@azahar) on

As you can see, a wonderful time was had by all, and I hope I’ve convinced the girls that they need to come down to Sevilla more often.

az’s abandoned kitchen

June 16, 2015

abandoned kitchen
I can’t believe it’s been A WHOLE YEAR since I posted anything on azahar’s kitchen. I only noticed after receiving the recipes from my fab cooking class at Taller Andaluz de Cocina and checking back to see how their spinach con garbanzos recipe varied from mine. And it kind of made me sad because I love cooking and sharing my recipes, but somehow there are always too many other things I need to catch up with online. Anyhow, I’ve just added a “subscription” widget to the sidebar (something that went missing – along with 265 subscribers – after moving the original WP kitchen blog over to my newest self-hosted site last summer). You know, in case you want to be notified by email if and when I start posting recipes again. It might even motivate me! :)

más rosa

June 15, 2015

más rosa

Another tough night at work. This is the splendid Rosa Belmonte again.
Flamenco & Tapas Tours


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