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thought for the day

July 15, 2014

unicornIt was that kind of day. Got up a wee bit later than usual after an extra-long Sevilla Tapas Tour last night (hey, it was a special birthday tour!). And then I faffed around on the laptop for awhile until it was time to go for my monthly chemo port cleaning. Which I always kind of dread – my monthly reminder that I’m not “out of the woods” yet. I usually treat myself by taking a taxi to the hospital and back, but lately I’ve been finding just getting into a taxi stressful as it usually ends up in some sort of argument after the driver attempts to rip me off. So today I took the bus and, although I HATE taking buses, I felt today like this was my own personal protest against thieving taxi drivers and that made it a bit better. Also, Peter came with me because we had decided to do a bit more research in Los Bermejales, a barrio not too far from the hospital.

Well, great timing *sarcasm*. Although not too far, it turned out that Los Bermejales also wasn’t all that close to the hospital. And it was 42º. But we finally made it to our destination – a typical barrio fish and seafood place – and enjoyed a few tapas. Then on the way to catch the bus home we passed another tapas bar I’d been following on Twitter and poked our heads in the door. And that’s when I saw these wonderful words of wisdom. So we decided to stay and have one more cold drink before heading back into town. All in all, a very pleasant day. How was your Tuesday?

azahar’s kitchen has moved!

July 14, 2014

azahar's kitchenazahar’s kitchen

Don’t worry, it’s not a new blog! It’s the same azahar’s kitchen that I’ve had on for years, but now that I’m “housecleaning” I’ve decided to put it on my new Spain site (continuity, etc, blah blah). No pesky ads, nice clean layout. What do you think?

I was also going to move my photo blog over to since, like the kitchen blog, it isn’t “city specific”, and then only have Sevilla Tapas and Azahar in Sevilla on But I had a few issues with the photos not importing properly and I can’t spend time re-doing the whole thing, so for now at least, it will stay where it is. Phew! It will all be worth it in the end…

sunday song – change gonna come

July 13, 2014

Fab version of this Sam Cooke classic by the equally fab Al Green.
Also like the idea… change gonna come. Oh yes it will…

why so many blogs?

July 12, 2014

blogHello, my name is Shawn and I’m a blogaholic…

Except I’m not really. But I think some people are a bit confused about the way I run my online presence. So I hope I can explain why I do things the way I do here…

It actually all started with this blog – casa az – in May 2006, after leaving my first ever online community h2g2 (originally started by Douglas Adams). There was no real plan or purpose to this blog, it was just going to be bits of my life here and there. Then after I got sick with cancer it became something more important (at least to me) when I gave myself the challenge to post something here every day, no matter how silly or trivial, no matter how sick and awful I felt, just so I could feel I’d done something with my day. And since then I’ve maintained the one-post-a-day policy, which really makes this blog a scrapbook of random snippets that end up being just like anyone’s life. I make no claims that any of it is interesting so it’s a mystery to me that so many people are subscribed to this blog, and then almost nobody leaves comments. But whatever. I do this for me. If you like it too, hey that’s great, and welcome.

Then in 2007 everything changed for me when I posted a few photos of my tapas lunch and suddenly everyone wanted to know about tapas. This eventually became Sevilla Tapas, which went through a few versions before finding a permanent home on my first ever self-hosted site

azahar sevilla header

I was very new to this whole self-hosting gig back then and so I decided that would be the MAIN website (about what I wasn’t sure yet) and I would run other blogs on that site, which ended up being Sevilla Tapas, Azahar in Sevilla, Viva Las Tapas and Azahar’s Photos. As I didn’t know any better I set all these up as separate WordPress installs, so in fact they were each their own websites, but still connected to the azahar-sevilla domain. I’ve since been told that these didn’t need to be separate installs, and that the way I’d set it all up was very messy, but I actually found out differently later on.

azahar spain header

For the past couple of years I’ve been thinking about diversifying and especially about being able to offer a specialised trip planning service for Andalucía. This stayed on the back burner until recently when I felt ready to get it going. But of course it couldn’t be a part of… it couldn’t be “city specific”. And to be honest, I am starting with Andalucía because that is what I know, but this could end up being a whole Spain thing. And so I came up with, which can encompass a lot.

My first thought was to incorporate with my new site… except actually has a very good Google rating and I’d be stupid to throw that away and start over from scratch. And anyhow, it made sense to keep them separate. Plus, although I very happily live in Sevilla now, I may choose to live elsewhere in Spain in future… so this is why I decided to diversify and also start the new website

For those of you who find it confusing, it really isn’t. It goes like this – just two domains with their blogs and with obvious ways to link back to the main pages. | | | |

I was told by my friend and SEO guru that I could actually incorporate blogs into my original WordPress install (so I didn’t have to create a separate WP install for each blog) but it turns out – as far as I know – that these are more limited blog-page “category” options and you are only allowed one of this sort of thing for each WP install. This is actually set up on the new website, but there were some glitches moving the existing content over to the older azahar-sevilla site so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to fix that.

So there you go! All clear now? ;)


friday foto finder – frame

July 11, 2014

fff frame
This week’s Friday Foto Finder challenge is “frame”

This is a frame that I bought over ten years ago
and I still haven’t found anything for it to frame.
So I framed it.

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July 10, 2014

Apparently I’ve had access to YOMVI ever since I subscribed to Canal+ (after moving house in February 2011). Thing is, I’ve never worked out exactly how it works, though recently I found out that in order to get it to work I need to have my Canal+ decoder box plugged into my internet modem. Which is across the room. So fuck. In order to that I can either buy some widgety connecting thingies that will do this through the air, or I can get Telefónica to install a phone jack next to the television. Either of which will cost about 90 euros. But then I will – apparently – be able to download entire series even before they’ve been shown on TV and watch them at my leisure on any of my devices that have internet access. Is it worth doing this? What if I move next year? Anyone out there have YOMVI?

cold beer o’clock

July 9, 2014

cold beerYou can always tell it’s officially summer in Sevilla because I start drinking beer.
And the colder the better (especially if it’s Cruzcampo!).


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