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jaén getaway

August 18, 2014

jaen getaway
As I knew I had to get up at stupid o’clock today to catch an early train, I prepared this post before going to bed. So by the time you read this I will (most likely) be sitting on a train heading to Jaén. All part of summer research for my trip planning biz, but also part holiday. I’ve never been to Jaén – the olive oil capital of Spain! – and so booked a few days away. After this the only Andalusian province I won’t have visited (yet) will be Almería, but I reckon I’ve got enough knowledge and info to at least get started. As you can see on the map (click on it to find out more about Jaén on Andalucí the province of Jaén is just north of Granada, about a three-hour train ride from Sevilla. After arriving in Jaén city I’ll catch a bus up to Baeza and stay there one night, then I’ll be in Úbeda for two nights, and after that one night in Jaén city before coming home on Friday afternoon.

At first I’d booked two nights in Jaén city thinking that, being the capital city and all, it would have more going on. But various Twitter pals convinced me to change my travel plans and spend two nights in the smaller, and apparently more charming, Úbeda. It was all very last minute and at first my hotel in Úbeda told me they had nothing available for Wednesday, but then miraculously they did, so that all worked out. I also got way more tapas bar recommendations for both Baeza and Úbeda – and next to nothing for Jaén – from Twitter pals, which also swayed my choice. Also I just like saying OO-bay-da.

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sunday song – good day sunshine

August 17, 2014

Another sunny Sunday in Sevilla!

hello harriet!

August 16, 2014
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hello harrietAs if I didn’t already have enough reasons to love my lovely friend Victor @welovemalaga… meet Harriet. Victor found her in the street a week or so ago and, well, couldn’t just leave her there. And so she has a new home with a loving human and – so far – a not so happy Winnifred (resident queen cat). But I’m told that Harriet is working her way into Winnifred’s heart poco á poco. It took exactly 2 seconds to have me madly in love with her, possibly less. That belly, Sled! Aren’t you just melting??

friday foto finder – snow globe

August 15, 2014

fff snowglobes

This week’s Friday Foto Finder challenge is “snow globe”

My snow globe collection is in serious need of updating.

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tapeo extremo in málaga

August 14, 2014

jeffrey me
Last Friday I got to meet Jeffrey Merrihue, the founder of Chowzter, which I joined sometime last year as their Sevilla food expert. At first glance it wasn’t the sort of thing I thought I’d be interested in (though I remember years ago saying the same thing about Twitter!) but decided to give it a go as there wasn’t a lot of work required to set it up. And then I met Jeffrey! He is holidaying in Marbella and came up to Sevilla for the day to do a tapas tour with me, which morphed into one of those crazy tapeo extremos… we even broke a record by visiting 7 tapas bars in 4 hours.

Well today I’m off to do it again today in Málaga with Jeffrey and my good friend Victor @welovemalaga. Stay tuned on my @SevillaTapas Twitter… Jeffrey wants to beat last week’s record. :)

prairie dog or meerkat?

August 13, 2014

prairie dog

robin williams

August 12, 2014

robin williamsThis was posted by his daughter this morning.

I have no words, just sadness.

But these are nice words.


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