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sunday song – tapestry

September 21, 2014

Been thinking about my life a lot lately.
Carping the diem and hoping for more…

on the prowl

September 20, 2014
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on the prowlMorcilla goes from fast asleep to on the prowl in a split second.

friday foto finder – ruin

September 19, 2014

fff - ruin
This week’s Friday Foto Finder challenge is “ruin”

Mother’s Ruin? Nope, just a Sherry & Tapas Tour with me. :)

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henri 2, paw de deux

September 18, 2014

Haven’t seen Henri in ages.
Apparently Roger Ebert called this the best cat video ever made.

21st anniversary celebration

September 17, 2014

21st celebration
So okay, I did say that it was fitting to celebrate my 21st anniversary of moving to Sevilla by working (tapas tour!) and I did have a great time with my group, toasting ME at every stop. But I still wanted to do something personal. So as the following day was a “day off” I met my dear friend Edu for lunch and we visited a few places in my old barrio, stopping for wine and snacks along the way. This also seemed fitting, to go back to where it all started. And one of our stops was even where Sevilla Tapas began. It was fabulous afternoon of the old and the new, as we finished off for a last drink across the street from my first home, where Bar Campanario used to be and where La Azotea is now. Perfect.

21 years!

September 16, 2014

21 yearsLua in my first Sevilla home

At about 8pm on September 21st 1993 I drove into Sevilla with my two cats Lua and Sunny and all my worldly possessions. A friend had brought us down from Salamanca in a borrowed car and we timed our arrival to meet with the landlord at my new home to pick up the keys. Well, we were there on time, but my landlord wasn’t, so we spent the next three hours parked out front (those poor cats) ordering food & drinks from the bar across the street, which ended up becoming my “living room” over the next year (my new place was very nice but also very small). Wow, 21 years ago.

So much has happened since then, lots of it I’ve shared with you guys here over the past 8 years. Today I’m celebrating my anniversary by … working! I have a tapas tour in a few minutes. But really, it’s a fitting way to celebrate. I arrived in Sevilla with no money, no job and not knowing a soul. It was pretty tough going at times but I never gave up, because I knew I’d found my true home in the world. And I still feel that way. So I shall have a cheeky glass of cava tonight and be thankful that I’m working at something I love in a city I adore, and look forward to a bed full of cats when I get home. Life is good.

winter is coming…

September 15, 2014

winter is coming
I took this pic on my way home from an afternoon Sherry & Flamenco event yesterday (I know, sucks being me) and was suddenly struck by the different blue in the sky, and those white things. And while winter is still a ways away it also occurred to me that what we call winter in Sevilla many people call autumn, or in some places, summer. But there’s a definite change in the weather. Aside from the storms predicted for this week (and we can sure use the water) I still look forward to wearing my sandals for at least another month and a half. Maybe two. When I have to put on socks and shoes that’s what I call winter.


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