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Look what I found!

I’m very glad I bought my cute little 1 GB shuffle because it’s not only perfect for the gym (and only cost 45€) but it also helped me realise that the 8 GB nano I’d been considering (which costs 180€) would have never been big enough. Once I started copying some old music files from the Jag, as well as getting some tunes from my friend Agustín last week, I found I already had 3 GBs of music – and I ‘ve barely got started.

So I cruised by Fnac after work last night and found a couple of these nero babies hanging around on a top shelf, reduced to 170€. Turns out it’s a somewhat older model ipod that’s about the same size as the snazzy new touchpad model … and it has 80 GBs! (the 32 GB touchpad model costs about 450€)

Has anybody ever had one of these or know anything about them?

Would I be totally nuts not to buy one?