So check it out – this is my new SimonSeeks page. There’s not a lot written yet as I’m just getting started, but by the end of November it will be filled with all kinds of fabulous information about hotels & other sorts of accommodation, restaurants & tapas bars, monuments & sights, shopping, nightlife, culture and lots of other useful info written by a local resident. Me.

I’m quite excited about this new challenge and I like that they want me to write in a casual and personal manner. They don’t want it sounding like a stuffy tourist guide. And most importantly, they want what I do best – to provide up-to-date info and opinions about My Sevilla.

You all know how much I love this place.

I’m looking forward to the London meeting in September. I’ve also started a SevilleExpert Twitter account and from now until deadline will be researching and writing like mad.

You can check out my page here:

SimonSeeks Seville Expert

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