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This is a 5 kilo bag of potatoes. As of today I am no longer carrying this around with me everywhere I go.

Most of you will be aware of my struggle with losing weight over the years, especially after the cancer surgeries and chemo which really screwed up my metabolism. But after my recent bout of gastroenteritis followed by the emergency op I have dropped five kilos “without even trying”.

Yes, that last bit is meant to be facetious. And of course it’s just the tip of the iceberg because I still need to lose about four more bags of potatoes, but at least I seem to be heading in the right direction after years of being stuck at the same unhealthy weight.

This has actually inspired me to get super serious about getting fit as soon as I am recovered enough to go back to the gym. But the fact that I’ve lost these five kilos while basically sitting around on my butt since mid-August is also inspiring because it has made me realise how just a few small changes in my diet can make a huge difference. And these are changes that I know I can live with. Go me!