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tapas researchSince 2007, doing tapas research has taken me to literally hundreds of different bars and restaurants, both in Sevilla and elsewhere in Andalucía. And yeah “tough job” and all that, but while (mostly) enjoyable, it’s still work. It can also get expensive since I have rarely accepted a “freebie”, and certainly have never done so in exchange for a positive review. And aside from the financial expense, there is also lots of time spent after the bar visits, editing photos and writing reviews. None of this makes me a penny, but it does serve as my “online portfolio” showing that I do actually know a thing or two about gastronomy in Andalucía, so indirectly that helps with people choosing my tapas tours over more commercially formulaic ones. Mostly though, I just love doing this and sharing my knowledge and experiences. Plus there are still surprises for me, like walking into this century old bar shown above, meeting the owner and talking about Sevilla like old friends. Love my job. 🙂