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Almost 10 years ago I bought this vacuum cleaner. And it was the best thing ever! So I’m not sure why I completely stopped using it when I moved to the previous Casa Azahar, though I suspect it was a combination of the stairs and long corridors, requiring too much faffing with plugging and unplugging, and lugging. In any case, it sat unused for those 6.5 years. But I recently rediscovered the Growling Sucking Monster (as it is known to the cats) and put it back to work.

To think I almost gave this away in my flurry of ruthless downsizing during the last move (I actually now regret giving away quite so much stuff…) because it’s perfect in the more compact, one-level new Casa Azahar. I won’t go as far as to say it makes doing the housework enjoyable, but it’s way faster and more efficient than sweeping. So… yay!

Yeah I know, but hey, it’s my blog.  😉