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Back in November 2010 I was invited by my friend Annie Bennett @anniebennett to join her for dinner at Gastromium. And it turned out to be one of the best meals of my life. Not only because the food was gorgeous, but the service was impeccable, with a lovely Scottish man called Duncan as our maître for the evening. It was such a memorable experience that I have kept the Gastromium post up on Sevilla Tapas, even after they sadly closed their doors and the three chefs moved on to other projects.

So imagine my surprise when I stopped for lunch at Tradevo Centro and one of the waiters said to me in perfect Spanish… hey, you have a website about tapas, don’t you? I told him my website was called Sevilla Tapas and has been going since 2007, and then he said he remembered me having dinner at Gastromium with a friend of mine. IT WAS DUNCAN. And well, we ended up having a nice chat and I thanked him again for having made that evening at Gastromium so memorable. Love when stuff like this happens.