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For those of you who are new to my blog… yes it really is this boring! There is a reason why I slap something up here every day. And of course now I have no excuses since I’m not exactly busy doing other things. But because I’m not doing other things, obviously there are fewer things going on, and less stuff to write about. But that wont’ stop me.   😉

It’s now midway through week three of lockdown and I am back to using my dishwasher which, after a flurry of renewed activity last summer, slipped back to being just a bit of extra storage space. But I’ve been cooking so much that I can actually justify putting it on every couple of days, the only drawback being that I miss out on some extra handwashing opportunities.

I didn’t realise until now just how much I was eating out in tapas bars and so, along with my tours (which also provide a meal for me), I was only cooking at home maybe a couple times a week. So this has also reminded me of how much I love cooking. It’s become the highlight of my day, though to be honest there’s not a lot of competition in that department.

What’s become the highlight of your day?