prawns galoreI blame Sledpress.

A week or so ago she was telling me about waiting for a big frozen shrimp delivery (she is usually vegetarian but has made an exception for the occasional shrimp protein boost) and it got me thinking. I almost never buy prawns at the market because most of the time they’ve already been frozen (so you can’t freeze them again). But then I thought that buying already rock solid frozen prawns would be a bit like having a bag of peas in the freezer, ready to just grab a few and throw them into any dish you feel like throwing them into (really, peas are SO GOOD for this).

So I bought a bag of frozen prawns. You can easily cook them from frozen if putting them into something with a sauce, or in a stir-fry, but I felt like breaded fried prawns today, so that meant I had to defrost them and dry them out before covering them with garbanzo flour. And I gotta say, they were great. Like eating prawn popcorn, AND I didn’t have to shell and devein them. So easy, so tasty. I mean of course there are times when only super fresh prawns will do, but for the occasional this and that, I will no longer be without a bag of prawns in my freezer. Thanks Sled!