I’ve been a nail-biter all my life and years ago came to realise that the state of my emotional life could easily be read on my fingertips. Times when I’ve felt confused, upset, helpless, etc … no fingernails. But when things have felt more “under control” I would suddenly find myself having to file my nails. Other times I have taken matters into my own hands (sorry…) and, with the application of some lightly tinted nail gloss and a smidge of willpower, have managed to abstain from nail biting long enough to acquire at least the outward appearance of feeling calm and collected. Which actually helps me feel more at ease. A quick glance at my pretty polished fingernails (as opposed to raw fingers ends chewed to a nubbin) always assures me that things are going well, and also gives me a sense of accomplishment. A few weeks ago I turned to the nail gloss again (aptly named “popcorn”) for a bit of help, and as my nails grew the rest of my life started falling into harmony. Coincidence???

You can see the state of my nails (and my life) below the links…

~ image from College Humor ~

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