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So after my accidental upgrade a couple of weeks ago, after Sterling had been acting up and I bought El Boquerón on sale as “insurance” (but then ended up keeping him), I was feeling quite chuffed. Because I had been assured that with Boquerón (aka HP ENVY-17-bw0001ns) I was getting the “latest generation” jazz, including not only 1 Tetra of HD memory, but also 128 GB of SSD memory, GUARANTEED to make my system run faster. So like wow, okay, sign me up (even though I had only a small idea of what SSD was).

And when I first got Boquerón up and running, this proved to be the case. Everything was zippity-do-dahing along like crazy, which was great. Though it was a bit faffy setting up and uploading my gazillion photos to the D-drive (HDD) to keep the C-drive (SSD) unencumbered. And I thought I had been doing things right… until I was told yesterday that my SSD had next to no space left and I had to do SOMETHING about it.

And I have tried. But it would help if I knew what I was supposed to be doing. I have all my downloaded programmes and (of course) my gazillion photos stored on the HDD. And even after eliminating superfluous files and programmes from my C-drive, I still only have about 5 GB of free space on my SSD. WTF? HELP?

that’s a whole lotta lurve


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Since Tomoko stayed at my place to look after the cats while I was on holiday in the Basque Country last month, she has been missing her favourite boy. And well, I think Loki has missed her too. So while Tomoko was back in town for the day we met up for lunch and then spent some time at Casa Azahar with the beasts before she had to catch her train back to Jerez. Lovely afternoon.