more cádiz sea cats


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A couple of years ago I wrote about the sea cats of Cádiz, remarking on the little shelters that someone had put out for them amongst the seawall boulders. This visit I was not only pleasantly surprised to see many more shelters put up, but I also met the woman responsible for them. She also captures the cats, gets them sterilised, and returns them to their sea homes. On this day I found her caring for a small ginger girl who was feeling poorly and we got to talking. What a wonderful thing to do.




Orujo – also known as aguardiente – is a digestive similar to Italian grappa, distilled from the “leftovers” of the grape pressing process. The sweet version on the left, orujo de hierbas, is infused with herbs. On the right, orujo blanco… pure firewater! I much prefer the white orujo. No matter how intense a meal you’ve had that stuff will cut right through it like nobody’s business. And, as you would expect, a little is all it takes. Do you have a favourite digestive?