sherry cocktail bar


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This week the Premier Sherry Cocktail Bar had its official opening, including a private master class given by sherry ambassador Pepe Ferrer, which I was lucky enough to be invited to. It’s a gorgeous bar, and I love the clever wall display showing the sherry aging process. Looking forward to going back soon to try some of the cocktails on offer, and to possibly working with them in the near future.

the guiri treatment


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The Guiri Treatment. It happens most frequently with taxi drivers, occasionally at markets where the stall owners don’t know me, and now and again at bars. Basically it’s when a local service provider takes me for a guiri (an unflattering term used to describe foreigners, especially tourists) and decides it would be a clever idea to try and rip me off. Trust me, this is never a clever idea. I not only make sure I do not get ripped off, but I make enough of a fuss that (I hope) the guilty party will think twice before trying this kind of stunt again on a visiting foreigner.

The other day it happened at a bar I’d only been to once before. We had been out walking and stopped in for a quick beer before lunch, and I asked for 2 cañas. Most bars only serve one size of beer (the small cañas) but as I have sometimes been served larger ones when I’ve asked for a cerveza I always make sure I specifically order cañas to avoid confusion.

On this occasion I did the same and was given two large beers. I pointed out the mistake to the barman and he waved me away, so I assumed that he realized the error was his and that I wouldn’t be charged extra, which is usually the case when this happens (though at one bar they actually dumped the two large beers down the drain and poured me two fresh cañas – huh?). In fact, we only drank half the beers because we had to get going – and I can never finish a big beer anyhow – but when we went to pay he charged full price – 5€ for 2 large beers.

Let’s just say a very lively discussion ensued with the barman getting more and more heated, saying stuff like… “well, you drank it, didn’t you?” and “what am I supposed to do with that beer now?”… which, as you can imagine, didn’t go over very well with me. And yeah, I know it was just a couple of euros difference, but that wasn’t the point. The point was that this man purposely served me something I hadn’t ordered and then thought I was a Stupid Guiri who would just pay up and leave. Except I didn’t and – eventually and as always – victory was mine. Stupid Barman.

sunday song – jesse



I remember listening to this song as a lonely 16-year-old, living on my own for the first time, somehow aching for someone I hadn’t met yet to “come home” and be with me. The other day I came across it again (though I hadn’t heard this wonderful live version before – that voice!) and I was once again hit with a sense of longing. And I thought that – just one more time in my life – I would like to fall in love again. Well, you never know…

Update: It seems I need to point out that I am really very happy these days and not actually needing this. It was just a thought I had while hearing this song again. So I would prefer that the person stalking me and leaving unwanted comments find something better to do.

job perks


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One of the perks of my job is walking into a bar and having the owner thrust a glass of THIS at me, saying “tell me what you think”. Okay, it doesn’t happen very often (okay, hardly ever) but on this occasion it was a wonderful surprise. And the wine was exquisite. A 30-year-old VORS palo cortado from Bodegas Osborne. If you’re in Sevilla you can try a glass at Las Teresas. I recommend pairing it with their fabulous carrillada or grilled tuna morillo…