say #%*@! to the new wordpress block editor


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When the new Worpdress block editor became available (maybe a year or so ago?) I gave it a spin and immediately HATED it. It was so faffy, unintuitive and frustrating that I opted to install a classic editor plugin on my websites with WordPress installs, and continue using the classic option here. Then the other day I got an email from WP with the chirpy title Say Hello To The New WordPress Block Editor and my heart sank. Turns out that as of June 1st, WP is retiring the classic editor and that even now it shows up as the default editor. Gaaaah.

I suppose if I wanted to do all that fancy stuff then I would find the new bells and whistles interesting, but in fact it makes just putting up a regular post with a photo or two much harder, takes way longer, ruins the experience for me. Happily they still have a “classic editor block” that I can choose, but again it’s extra clicks just to get to where I want to be to start. I’m not sure if or how this will affect the other hosted sites but here’s hoping the plugin keeps working after June 1st. What do you think of the new editor?

getting back to normal


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So as of last Monday we are in Phase 2 in AndalucĂ­a (Madrid and Catalunya are catching up and are on Phase 1). This means that more public spaces are opening, bars and restaurants have a bit more flexibility, non-essential shops and department stores are also allowed to open, and some restrictions are lifted for general circulation around town and within the province. All of course with the required “social distancing” measures, and all kinds of disinfecting, cleaning, etc going on. Ah, and masks have been mandatory since last weekend. If all goes well, Phase 3 is meant to start on June 8th.

What could go wrong? Well, plenty. I still see (from my balcony) too many people not wearing masks, walking too close to others, basically not giving a shit. So I am personally still in Phase 0, only going out for essential shopping and taking out the rubbish, otherwise I am staying home and staying safe. And walking on my roof (view from rooftop in photo above).

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constancia is back!


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You may remember Constancia from back when I first met her in October 2018. Well, I had known of her for years previous to that, passing her in the streets almost every day, but that was the first time I stopped to chat with her. And we became friends in a way. After that I would always greet her and chat a bit, blow her a kiss (she loves blowing kisses) and sometimes I would give her some cash or some food. She lives with her husband just beyond 3 mil, and she really does work hard, out there every day with her little dog and her accordian. Often I would pass her coming home after a tapas tour, going on midnight.

Anyhow, just before Christmas I saw her while on my way to pick up clients for a tapas tour… and she was without her little dog. And my heart just sank. So of course I stopped to ask what happened, and of course the dog had died (ripe old age, she’d had a good life) and I couldn’t do anything but hold Constancia in the biggest hug I could manage and kiss her cheeks. Oh man, it was so heartbreaking to see her without her dog and knowing how much pain she was in. And worse then to tell her I had to go (I ended up late for my tour) but that we’d talk soon.


Next time I saw her we talked about her getting another dog and I said I could check rescue shelters and help her find a new pup. But Constancia was very clear. She wanted the exact same breed as Piti, she wanted a female, and she wanted a young puppy. Well, I’m all about adopting rescues rather than buying from breeders, and how would she even find another BichĂłn Habanese anyhow, but you know what? In the end her husband found one, a mini replica of her old dog.

And I know all this because when I was doing a “rubbish run” last week (wearing my latex gloves!) I took the long way home and suddenly saw Constancia with her accordian and five-month old brand new little Piti out in the street. Oh my god… big air kisses all around and the little pup was so adorable and very friendly. And I saw Constancia smiling again. Made my day.