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I write this even though I know how pathetic it’s going to make me sound. Because at this point, who cares right? Anyhow, when I first moved into the present Casa Azahar I realised I seriously needed more kitchen storage space, so I bought this Ikea pantry thing that sits just outside the kitchen door, and frankly I couldn’t manage without it. When it first got set up (see photo below) it was immediately packed full of everything that wouldn’t fit in the kitchen cupboards… and it’s pretty much stayed that way. Until now!

You may recall that back in January I set myself up with The Schedule, with daily, weekly and monthly Things To Do, just so I would actually do them. And I gotta say… fuck I love The Schedule! It’s like I have reclaimed some semblance of order in my life, and it also requires a certain amount of discipline from me too (none of this “oh I don’t feel like it today” jazz… if it’s in The Schedule it must be done).
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sherry kits

sherry kits

Got my first sherry kit! The idea is to maybe try doing sherry tastings on Zoom, though I hate doing videos even more than I hate having my photo taken (and that’s a lot!). But I finally tried out Zoom a couple of weeks ago for the first time, having drinks and chatting with a couple of friends and, well, it didn’t kill me. There are logistics to work out, like getting these kits to people who want to participate in the tasting, and also to send out a list of snacks for them to have on hand for pairings.

From what I understand from friends who do either cooking classes or wine tastings on Zoom is that they are not really viable as a way to actually make money, but it’s a good way to connect and stay in touch with people, either friends or clients. So I am going to do a “trial tasting” with a few friends to see exactly what the costs are re: the kits and shipping. I’m already nervous…