no carbs no booze – day 3!


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nocarbs-1courgetti with garlicky-bacony tomato sauce

Day three! Final day of PET scan prep and the no-carb-no-booze diet. And as you can see, I have been eating rather well. Wouldn’t want to eat like this forever, but I may start taking regular “carb & booze breaks” from now on. Or even just have the occasional no-carb-no-booze day. I actually had way more ideas for great non-carb things to make than I had time for.

nocarbs-3cheesy-eggy thingy

I only realized yesterday that I also wasn’t supposed to be drinking caffeine (!!) but apparently that’s more important during that last 24-hour stage, which is today. I certainly won’t make a habit of drinking green tea for breakfast, and a couple of times I would have LOVED a glass of wine (especially when out and about) but it really hasn’t been a big deal.

nocarbs-2chicken garam masala with lots of veggies

Anyhow, looking forward to having some toast tomorrow! The usual routine is that I get the scan done between 8 and 10 in the morning. Then I go for breakfast in the cafeteria while they check the images. Sometimes I have to go through the machine a second time, sometimes I don’t. After that, I’ll get my results. I’m so nervous! See you on the other side…

arte de cozina – menú cervantes


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arte-cozina-gangGood times in Antequera with @welovemalaga @svqconcierge @tomatours @thaneprince @larosillacomida. This was the highlight of our very RAINY weekend, meeting up at @artedecozina on Sunday afternoon for Charo Carmona’s La Cozina en Tiempos de Cervantes, recreating dishes from the book of Francisco Martinez Montiño, chef to Felipe III (circa 1611), and paired with local Málaga wines.

We were also thrilled to find out that Charo had just received her first Guia Repsol sun (Spanish equivalent to a Michelin star). Well deserved.

menu-cervantesThe Menu…

  • garbanzo cream
  • fried cod skin
  • aubergine with honey and spices
  • cardoon pastel
  • retinto beef “scotch egg” with quail egg
  • podrida stew
  • tuna and egg omelette
  • pigeon in mandarine sauce
  • almond quesadilla
  • sugar melindre with apple
  • chocolate “lecture”
  • vintage muscat 2015 (white)
  • igualado 2016 (red)

antequera getaway 2016


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This will just be a short getaway, and it came about just by chance when I saw this poster on Manni’s Instagram announcing a special Menú Cervantes at Arte de Cozina. Soon plans were made for a few of us to meet up, which has now ended up with 10 for lunch tomorrow!

I’m leaving this morning because I haven’t been to Antequera for awhile (in fact, over two years!) and thought it would be nice to spend some time there. I was actually going to spend two nights but the weather forecast for this weekend is solid RAIN, and my friends Angela & Mikel are going to be away, so it’ll just be for tonight and I’ll catch the train back home after lunch tomorrow. Right, gotta go catch my train!

cosy cats



cosy-cats-1So I got a new duvet, a bit bigger, a bit warmer… and as you can see, the cats love it. Especially Morcilla who adorably gets under it with me during the night. But every morning when the cats know I’m awake, they all pile on top of me. Then huddle together after I get up. My furry little heat-seeking missiles.


so want this sofa


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sofaA few months ago I saw this sofa in the window of El Corte Inglés and I WANTED IT. I mean, it’s nothing terribly exciting, but I love its simplicity and clean lines. But I also know that no soft furnishings would ever last around here. What’s weird is that I have never actually wanted a sofa before, precisely for this reason. At present an old IKEA sofa bed still serves in the living room, along with a second-hand arm chair, both of which are covered in cotton throws (as is my wheelie office chair). And in spite of being covered they are all ripped to shreds.

Anyhow, I was walking by El Corte Inglés again the other day and saw that my dream sofa has a matching chair!!! Waaaah!