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So I got the call this morning. My first vaccination will be on Monday and the second one on July 1st, about eleven weeks apart. Astra Zeneca, which I have to admit I’m not too happy about. According to this article there are benefits to delaying the second dose, but I still don’t understand why AZ is considered dangerous for people under 50 but fine for people 60-69 (which is the latest vaccination strategy). I’m guessing they’re experimenting because they don’t have data on over 60s yet. Anyhow, have already heard from a few Twitter pals that they, or someone they know, has had AZ and they are fine. But what if I’m one of the unlucky 1 in a 100,000?? 😬




Came across this cool car with old suitcases stacked on top and decided to take a photo of it. At first I wondered why someone would leave their suitcases unattended like that but upon closer inspection it was clear that they were empty and decoration only. Still risky though.

morcilla is 8!


My little girl is 8 years old! Though you’d never know it because she is so tiny and still very kittenish. This photo is her last night, curled up on my lap, her little head resting on the arm of our comfy chair, while we did a little netflixing. Love her so much. Happy birthday Morcilla!

And of course Morcilla shares a birthday with my beloved Azar – they were born exactly 18 years apart. ❤