pure evil


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Omg do not allow these into your home. They seem innocent enough at first, a simple potato crisp/chip, lightly salted, no snazzy flavours, just simply what they are. EXCEPT that they are extra thick cut and are still crazy crispy and crunchy. TOTALLY IRRESISTIBLE. First tried them at a little bar here (served on the side of various tapas) and I loved them so much I had to ask where they came from. Turns out Almería, so I reckoned I was safe. But then they showed up in the Corte Inglés supermarket and now I am doomed.

there goes the neighbourhood



more hotels

Yet another five-star hotel going up in the barrio, this time taking over yet another of our landmark buildings which, as you can see, used to be people’s homes. Some say that posh hotels are good business and better than holiday apartments as they provide employment, blah blah. To me this just makes them the lesser of two evils. I don’t know the history behind this building, though I do remember when people lived there. So not sure if they were forced out or what. The building next to it was turned into a hotel a few years ago and another five-star opened up the street last year. Sadly it’s looking like El Arenal is on its way to becoming a tourist ghetto like Santa Cruz is now.