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bcn getaway

By the time you read this I will be on the high-speed AVE train – in a silent car! – heading to Barcelona. It’s a 5.5 hour trip, which I did once before seven years ago. This time it’s for work, a new Decanter Magazine commission. Otherwise I’m not sure if I’d have had the nerve to travel so far for so long (5 days in total, including travelling) especially as Covid cases are skyrocketing in Sevilla after Semana Santa and Feria. Though this might actually be a good time to get out of town?

Anyhow, I have bought FFP2 masks to wear on public transport and I will be as careful as someone can be under the circumstances. It also looks like I’m going to catch a break with the weather though it will still be 36º or more when I get home again on Saturday. Ooof.

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loki pokey


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vet day

So back in January when Loki’s left upper incisor fell out, I took him to the vet’s and thankfully there were no complications. But I mentioned to Eva that Loki had been drinking more water than usual lately and she told me to keep an eye on his water consumption and come back to have a blood test done to check for kidney issues if it continued. And well, with three cats it’s pretty much impossible to know which one is drinking how much, so I put it out of my mind but it was still kind of niggling back there. My Sunny died of kidney failure so I am aware of the signs, and Loki actually tends to splash more water out of the bowl than he drinks, but I finally decided better to be safe than sorry. Anyhow a cat of Loki’s years (12 now) should be getting a regular annual check up, and so today was the day.

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