birthday lunch with pilar


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pili-1So okay, it was almost a month late (through no real fault of either myself or Pilar) but better late than never. Today we finally managed to get together for lunch and celebrate Pilar’s birthday, which has become a bit of a tradition over the years.

This time we went to the always fabulous Vineria San Telmo and, not only was Pilar sung to by the staff when her candle lit birthday, erm, pie arrived, another client came over to us and said it was HIS birthday too, and gave Pilar a kiss. Great food and wine (including sherry), cosy ambiance… a lovely afternoon with a lovely friend.


we love christmas


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wlt-christmas-16Getting the We Love Tapas team all together at once can be a bit like herding cats, which isn’t really surprising when talking about four (including me) busy free-lancers. But we finally managed to find a few hours for a nice pre-Christmas lunch to catch up and connect. First we did a little Tapas Research, trying out a new bar (with mixed results) and then ended up for a “dessert” course of cheese and sherry at Palo Cortao. Good times.

on ovens and other home stuff



So it’s been almost a month (A MONTH!) since the fucking door fell off my fucking oven, and so far nothing has been done. After some back-and-forthing with the landlady she gave me the name of a handyman to get an estimate on the repair price. A handyman who never picks up his phone.

Then the other day the landlady got in touch saying she wanted to meet up in person to tell me a couple of things. So we did that. In part it was about putting the rent up in February, to an amount we both agreed on. Plus some talk about who was going to be in charge of the community stuff. And then somehow she got in touch with the handyman, who said he’d get back to me about a price on the oven door repair. But you know what…?

Fuck it. I’m just going to buy a new oven. This one! Which is fairly basic, but should actually work. Even before the door fell off my present oven, it only had one tempurature (ON!) and the overhead grill had half its elements burnt out. So why repair the fucking door? Of course the landlady won’t agree to buying a new oven after “splashing out” on the new split (which also isn’t working at the moment, more on that later).

But WHATEVER. I am good with the agreed-upon new rent starting in February, and I still haven’t found anywhere I like better. So getting a new oven that costs 300€ – hey, that’s less than a hairdryer 😉 – will be worth it, even if I end up moving some time over the next year. And I’ll also forgo the airfryer so the oven will end up costing next to nothing. 🙂

jamón cutting masterclass


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jamon-masterclass-2So THIS was fun. On Thursday evening – after THE SCAN – I went to a jamón cutting masterclass, put on by Pando Restaurants as part of their new series of gastronomy classes. We started off with a bit of theory, but soon it was all hands on, with professional cortador Victor Fernández showing us how it’s done. And while we watch we got to taste the various cuts of jamón as they were passed around the room. Some brave souls even got up to try wielding the knife (with mixed results).

Although I know a fair bit about jamón, and also (in theory at least) about how to cut it, there is always something more to learn, and it was a lovely evening out with other “foodies”, food writers, journalists, etc. Looking forward to the next class.

jamon-masterclass-1I’ll be doing a “proper” blog post about it tomorrow on Azahar Sevilla.