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How many of you have had stalkers since becoming online “personalities”? I’ve had a few over the years, especially on h2g2,  but I thought this was mostly behind me and hoped that any weirdos who felt like stalking me these days would at least do it privately so that I wouldn’t know they were there. But there is one that keeps showing up, over and over again. This is a person who unceremoniously dumped me as a friend by email several months back, saying they were fed up with me, then said “thanks for all the fish” and that was that. Or so I thought. But no, comments galore started showing up here, which at first I just deleted hoping this someone would take the hint, but later I was forced to mark them as spam so the unwanted comments went directly there. And then the other day they left a “comment” for me on my three words.me post, describing me unkindly, then yesterday another comment in my spam… seriously, wtf?

Does this person not have a life, do they not know how to move on? Especially as – they dumped me! And told me in no uncertain terms that I was no longer considered a friend. And well, this was and is totally fine by me. So why on earth would they keep stalking me and leaving comments here? I have found myself wondering of late “what would Raincoaster do?” but hope this person decides to do the decent thing and bugger off before I have to ask Rain for advice…

How do you deal with stalkers, trolls, flamers, etc?