WTF WordPress.com?? What happened to being the coolest free blogging platform in the universe?

First of all there was the annoying addition of unwanted advertising (unless you PAY WordPress to have it removed). And now this crap.

Infinite scroll.

Well, I don’t bloody want infinite scrolling and it seems I can’t get rid of it on this theme (that I know and love) and so will have to switch to some other theme that has a footer widget I can disable – Timethief has written this helpful blog post showing us how.  But according to this support forum thread that option will also be removed once all themes have been converted.

Since when did WordPress.com become Facebook, forcing idiotic unwanted changes on its users? Not only is infinite scroll irritating, there is that totally naff pop-up “advertisement” on the bottom, for the theme designer and for WordPress.com, that blocks the blog post.

I want out.