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bright eyes
Well this little one has sure had a week of it. First she had a bad reaction to the post-op meds, then over this past weekend I noticed that a section of her incision had opened up and was bleeding a bit. So I called Yolanda on Monday morning and was all prepared to have to bring Morcilla in, even though each trip to the vet costs me about 20 euros in taxi fare. But Yolanda surprised me by asking me to take a photo of Morcilla’s belly and email it to her, which I thought was a brilliant idea. Yolanda said she’d be able to tell by the photo if it was serious enough to warrant a visit. We’ve done this three evenings in a row now and it’s easy to see that the wound is healing nicely, and Morcilla shows no sign of infection. I’ll take one last photo tomorrow morning, which I’m sure will be fine. Good ol’ technology.

Anyhow, here is my little bright-eyed girl today just after lunch, happily curled up on my lap.