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sis & sardina
Okay, hands up! How many of you remember my sister Susan? She was such a very important part of my life a few years ago, she was my best friend, the sister I chose, she was my family. Meanwhile, lots of things happened. I got sick with cancer and man, did Susan come through big time! To say she saved my life is no exaggeration. And then stuff in her life went sideways. Long story short, she chose to go back home to the U.S. and I tried to help her like she’d helped me. But there were misunderstandings and Susan, under a lot of pressure, made her move and we lost touch for awhile.

Fast forward to 2014. Susan and me, back chatting on Skype, back to feeling good together. And then suddenly she was back in Sevilla! With her beautiful, chatty, smart and sassy daughter Isabel (aka La Sardina) and her partner Matt.

susan isabel matt

It was such a great weekend. To be back with my sister again. To get to know Isabel again as a young force to be reckoned with. And to finally meet Matt, who received the “az seal of approval”. I mean, does this look like a happy family or what? The energy between them was so great. And I hope to stay a part of the family now, despite the distance. Tía Az. 🙂