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ipad reset

If it isn’t one thing it’s ANOTHER THING. Like updating the iOS in Manzana (my very first iPad). Which I did the other day. But suddenly iOS 9.0.2 started asking me to put in all kinds of crap, including a passcode. Well, I didn’t want a passcode. Manzana never leaves the house and these days is mostly used for browsing. So I thought I’d updated everything okay, but when it rebooted I was asked for a passcode. WTF? I tried my usual one. No luck. Tried another one. Uh-uh. Tried those two again a few more times and suddenly I was locked out. The screen said “i-Pad Disabled” and I had no idea what to do. A bit of googling brought me to this page, which seemed to do the trick. After a few tries. But of course I lost all the photos and had to manually upload Apps again.

So it’s making me think twice about updating the latest Pippin and Manzanilla. Has anyone else had similar update issues?