I remember having to revise the whole Friend Thing while going through the whole Cancer Thing a few years ago. This was a hard time, of course, and in the end I had fewer friends. But those were the Real Friends, and I didn’t mourn the “loss” of the others that fell by the wayside because I knew I was better off.

Then I slowly rebuilt my life, eventually starting a new business for myself, while maintaining other projects I love doing. I was also able to start travelling, which has been wonderful, and incorporates my work and interests. So while it seems like I am always working, I prefer to think of it as always living, because my work is what I love doing. We are one and the same.

But once I started becoming relatively successful and enjoying my life again, I started to realize that the Friend Thing had once again begun to rear its ugly head. I guess because I was meeting so many new people on both a personal and professional level. Anyhow, some of these new “friends” decided that I was not actually the person they thought I was and, not only did they no longer wish to be friends, they felt somehow duty bound to express this intention along with a laundry list of complaints about me and my perceived shortcomings. Because, you know, relationships aren’t two-way streets and the fault had to be all mine (??). Frankly, if they’d just disappeared from my life I wouldn’t have noticed, but happily these people are now gone too.

ANYHOW… while I was walking in the park today on a beautiful bright blue summer morning this song suddenly came into my head, reminding me of all the wonderful people I know and love and appreciate. And so this song is for you, my best friends. You know who you are. xx

Oh, and… still miss you Freddy!