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false advertising

So the plastic cutlery holder that hooks onto my dish draining rack fell to the floor and smashed to bits and I thought it would be easy to find a replacement. But nope. Finally I found this one on Amazon and thought, cool, it’s also stainless steel like the rack, and so I bought it. When it arrived I put it on the rack and it looked good. Then I put some cutlery in it and IT ALL FELL THROUGH THE BOTTOM ONTO THE FLOOR. Seriously WFT. I mean, why even make a cutlery holder with that can’t hold any cutlery? And then go out of your way to disguise this fact (clearly this photo was taken on a table) and try selling it? Seems like a lot of trouble for an 8 euro flawed metal basket. Anyhow, got in touch with Amazon to return it and they didn’t even want it back, just said they’d credit my account. Yeah I know, slow news day.  😉