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caturday april 8th 2023

This is really just wishful thinking… a pic taken a couple of years ago. Since Morcilla’s operation Luna has been so hostile towards her, growling and hissing if she gets too close. At first I thought it was because of the “vet smell” or that the cone was scaring Luna, but even without those things she is still being weird. It could be because since the op I’ve been keeping Morcilla “locked in” with me at night and also shut her in my room when both Peter and I are out, so maybe Luna feels excluded? I dunno. But tonight we go back to normal in that I will start keeping my bedroom door ajar again and remove Morcilla’s “camping gear” (food dishes and litter box) so that both cats can have access if they want. It would be so nice to see them cuddle up together again.