Anyone out there who uses these? I’ve just put a couple in the kitchen and am planning to also replace the bathroom ones with them tomorrow.

Question is – do they really work? In the sense of them lasting twice as long (or longer) than conventional light bulbs. This is what the guy in my neighbourhood electrical shop told us yesterday. But they also cost more than twice the price of the already rather expensive ceiling ‘spotlights’ we had going (which cost more than twice as much again as a conventional light bulb).

Annoyingly, all the ceiling lights in the flat are these small spotlight fixtures, which do the job I guess, but they also have a tendency to overheat and the metal lightbulb connection to the socket then gets ‘heat-welded’ together, so more often than not the only way to change a light bulb is to smash the bulb with a hammer and pry the metal part out with a pair of needle nose pliers (whilst precariously standing at the top of a very rickety ladder). Not terribly user-friendly. One other bonus with the twirly bulbs is that they never get hot so we won’t ever have to smash them to bits just to change them.

My flat was ‘done over’ by an architect who lived here before us. Presumably he didn’t understand lighting at all or just thought flat spotlights in all the ceilings were somehow ‘clean looking and aesthetically pleasing’? But frankly the new twirly lightbulbs in the kitchen not only look cute but actually give off better ‘all over’ light than the stupid spotlights ever did. And I think they will also be better in the bathroom.

I’ve always preferred indirect lighting in the living room and in bedrooms – nice floor or table lamps strategically placed to make a room ‘glow’ – to me ceiling lights are only needed in these rooms whilst cleaning and needing to see every corner of the room.

Anyhow, any thoughts on these twirly lightbulbs? Are they really worth the money?