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vinos espanaNot a bad way to spend a rainy Thursday afternoon. Unfortunately I only had an hour or so to “get through” 42 different bodegas worth of Spanish wines. I’d had a busy “admin” work morning, and an early tapas tour booked in the evening, and had to fit in lunch somewhere along the way. But it was the first time Sevilla was hosting this major wine event so I felt I should at least put in an appearance, and I’m glad I did. Ran into a LOT of people I hadn’t seen in ages, some literally in over a year or more, and so it was good to reconnect. Also good to see many of the local “usual suspects”… I HAVE A DREAM that if I keep seeing the same people at these things that one day I will remember their names and where I know them from. Until then, it’s the usual smiling and chatting and wondering who I am talking to.  🙂