The favourite game at casa az.

Nog and I play almost daily, which I find very generous of him since he wins maybe once every two or three months. Though the past couple of days he seems to be on a roll. He’s still only won one game so far this weekend (first since I think last March or April) but the scores are getting uncomfortably closer and he is also coming up with far too many seven-letter words . . . most annoying. Lately I’ve barely been able to cheese him! A nod to Terry Pratchett for that one – a cheesing is like a creaming only it hurts more.

The score point difference between a creaming and a cheesing is shown below, based on how many points The Winner (ie. me πŸ˜‰ ) wins by.

  1. basic win: under 50 points
  2. creaming: 50-99 points
  3. cheesing: 100-149 points
  4. creamcheesing: 150-199 points
  5. cheesewhizzing: more than 200 points

Had to come up with category five awhile ago – you can probably figure out why.