This is my latest gadget obsession . . .

I got over the blackberry obsession after going to a couple of local shops and getting more information on them. They really don’t do enough to justify the initial cost (approx 250€) and monthly maintainance (about 20€). For that same monthly cost I could get one of those usb wifi thingys to use on my dream machine (yes, I’m still obsessing about that one) and have anytime/anywhere internet access. I saw a Macbook Air in person the other day and it really is gorgeous, but even the salesguy told me it was more stylish than functional. The dream machine has yet to make it to Sevilla, which is probably just as well.

But I digress . . .

I’ve never owned a portable music gizmo, not even a walkman. But lately I’ve been missing having music in my life and I also think it would help me out at the gym. I’m pretty good at doing the bike for half an hour because I can read while I do that, but I’d also like to get back on the elliptical trainer which, as you can see, is not designed for reading. Somehow just music isn’t enough of a distraction for me when it comes to spending time on these excrutiatingly boring machines, but I think listening to podcasts would work very well with keeping my mind occupied while my body just got on with it. And then I could also use the ipod for music when I’m out and about, which I also think would be very nice.

What I can’t decide is what size ipod nano to get. These new ones come either 4GB for 140€ or 8GB for 190€. Now, I don’t think I’d ever use even 4GB’s worth of space, but the scam is that only the silver one comes in that size and I like the matte black one. So, do I spend an extra 50€ just to get the colour I prefer (since the extra space is meaningless to me) or what?

Any advice from ipod owners out there?

Has anyone ever used even 4GBs of space on theirs?

(I could probably live with the silver)