It’s my latest gadget! 🙂

Met up with “J” yesterday (one of the ladies who do more than lunch) and we ended up over at my place. After a bit of vino and chatting she not only showed me how to organise my new iPod but she also convinced me that getting an external hard drive was much better than trying to back stuff up on CDs.

I mean, remember this post? I have not even attempted backing anything up since then. Just the thought of faffing about trying to find the right CD somewhere within the various boxes and then updating it, and repeating this painfully tedious process over and over again … well, nuff said.

And so after a very late lunch Nog and I went out for a walk to Fnac and I found this baby on special offer – 160 GBs for 70€. And it’s so small, just 12cm x 8 cm x 1.5cm. So I could actually carry around all of SB’s data in my handbag or jacket pocket if I wanted to. This is seriously cool.

Gosh, I just get more geeky every day.