. . . has just happened!

Long-time readers and friends will be aware of my fear, nay, my total terror of cockroaches. It is as irrational as it is absolute. Luckily (so to speak) there are usually only a couple of sightings a year at casa az, the last one being just over a month ago, before Nog went to work in Alicante. In fact, just last night I was thinking that I hoped one wouldn’t show up before he gets home next Sunday because I didn’t know how I’d deal with it. Well, now I know . . .

It had already been a very strange night. As usual I’d gone to bed around midnight and expected I would read myself to sleep before long. But around 2.30 I was still awake so I decided to go and bring the laptop to bed and hang around on the internet for awhile. About an hour and a half later, still wide awake, I decided – WTF – and took a mild tranquilizer. Then I turned off the light, cuddled up with Azar and tried falling asleep. I lay there for another hour or so, tossing and turning, and was just about to drift off to sleep when suddenly – are you ready? – I felt something scuttle over my hair!!!!!

In a split second I was sitting bolt upright in bed and had hit the overhead light switch. And there it was! Just kinda hanging out on my pillow!!! I grabbed the nearest weapon in sight – my book – and then paused because I didn’t want cockroach guts splattered all over the bed. But then the fucker started to make a run for it so I swiped at it with my book – missed – and then the damned thing disappeared.

I sat there on the bed frozen with fear. I knew I couldn’t stay (let alone sleep) in an apartment with a two-inch mother of a roach on the loose. But then Azar got all perky and scampered into the bathroom and I knew it had to be in there. Fighting back my panic I put on some old sandals and inched my way into the bathroom. It was there alright and my buddy Azar had flipped it on its back (yay!), so I went aaarrgh! and stamped it to smithereens. Then I got a wad of papertowels to pick up the corpse and flushed it down the toilet. After that I disinfected both the floor and the sole of my sandal and tried lying down in my bed again (after switching pillows, natch).

No. Way. I mean okay, I do realise that my worst nightmare is not likely to happen again on the same night (or even ever again) but it’s like I’m suffering from post-gaaaaa heebie-jeebies. And so here it is, 7 o’clock in the morning, and I still haven’t slept a wink. Every nerve ending is tingling, my skin is all creepy-crawly and I’m jumping at every sound or movement (again irrational since cockroaches don’t make any sound).

But I really do need some sleep, especially with chemo again tomorrow. I’ve made up the sofa bed and will try lying down there in a few minutes. Something tells me that I’m going to end up sleeping in the livingroom until Nog comes home and can make sure there are no more monsters under the bed. 😦

[photo by Catherine Chalmers ]