Not its official name, but Nog always thinks of his laptop as “the brick” because it’s so heavy and solid. Anyhoo … the other day I went to Fnac to see about getting an invoice for the iPhone so I could get a VAT refund – unfortunately I was too late and they wouldn’t give one to me. But then I noticed a sign behind the counter that said “Micro Clinica” and had a list of prices for basic computer repairs …

So on Saturday we brought The Brick over to the Fnac Micro Clinica and the guy said they would probably have to reinstall the OS and it would cost 60€. Well, Nog was game so we left the laptop there and – talk about speedy service! – it was ready to pick up yesterday evening. Still don’t know how it’s working because Nog’s cold has come back with a vengeance and he pretty much went straight to bed after we got back (after a big bowl of hot chicken soup). But he is quite looking forward to having his own computer again.

Too bad he didn’t think of doing something with The Brick earlier – would’ve saved me a very large credit card debt as we could have shared his laptop for a month –  but Nog thought it had finally died since it’s almost five years old now. The previous time it got the Blue Screen of Death and went into continuous reboot mode we managed to get it set up again (with the help of some geeky on line friends), but  this time I couldn’t get into safe mode at all and finally gave up after days of trying. So it just sat there on the livingroom table for about six weeks until I saw that sign at Fnac and suggested to Nog that it might be worth having The Brick looked at.

Meanwhile, I still haven’t heard anything from Toshiba. I sure hope they are going to return Sexy Beast to her former perfect beauty, especially as the monitor will surely croak before too long if they don’t. Fingers crossed!

Computers, eh? They are so fabulous when they work.

[image courtesy of Mudhooks]