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It was a perfect Christmas weekend. Quite rainy, but that made it feel even cosier to stay in and just, well, be cosy. Nog and I set up the “gaming table” on Christmas Eve … with chess, backgammon and scrabble. And we played all three whenever the mood struck. And of course I watched my two favourite Christmas films, along with some other stuff on TV & DVD, and did some reading. Lots of amazing food was consumed, along with plenty of cava and wine. And we also got out for a few walks in between rain storms. All in all, a very happy Christmas indeed. Oh, and there were prezzies too.

You can see them below the links …

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Well, okay. Nog and I had decided at the beginning of December that our Christmas present to each other would be to go to MΓ‘laga for the long weekend because Manolo had offered us the use of his apartment again, and that we would take turns treating each other to nice meals out … so we did that. But you know, it’s still nice to have something to open on Christmas morning. And so, Nog got me a gift package of my one & only perfume, Clinique Elixir. Which was so wonderful as I’d been eking out the last few drops I had left for the past six months or so. And then Nog got to open … my laptop! And see a photo of the gift I’m going to give him in January (once they let me use my phone points again). Heh. He didn’t mind. And on Saturday we actually went to the shop so I could show it to him in person and he could see it for himself. It’s really a very cool mobile phone and even has that “beam me up Scotty” flip top, which will also protect the screen. He likes it.

Other “gifts” included really nice Skype chats with my friend Darlene and her family in Toronto, blog buddies Sledpress & Raincoaster, and also my dear friend Craig (aka zoomer) … and a curious twist in which a friend of mine said that his present to me would be to send a present to another friend on my behalf – that one is still making me smile!

Oh, and Flor dropped by with wine and cheese and fresh figs … and a vegetable peeler. An interesting selection of gifts. I’m going to be taking her laptop in to get repaired while she is away in Italy and will try to find a wee giftie to slip into the carrying case before she gets back.

And of course I got the super-fab 12 Days of Christmas pop-up book from Teuchter. And another book from my friend Juan. Plus a couple of donations for meals & cava. As well as many lovely cards and messages from friends.

But you know, all I really want for Christmas is a clean PET scan next month. And to be here with you all again next Christmas. This one has been a bit hard, fighting back the fears (have been having some very worrying pains here and there) and so every moment felt especially poignant. Anyhow, I hope I didn’t leave anyone out … just want to say I love you all andΒ  that it really has been my very best Christmas ever.

Thanks everyone!