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So, this has been all over teh internets the past couple of days.  As you can imagine there have been all sorts of  conflicting things written about this new Apple tablet (with the rather unfortunate name), but the review I trust most is this one, written by fellow gadget lover Stephen Fry. And this video from Apple showing the iPad in action totally made me drool …

People keep saying “it looks like a big iPhone” like that’s a bad thing. If you watch the video and see what the iPad can do I dare you to say it isn’t a marvel. Sure, it will probably be even more amazing a year or two from now, but I am envious of  Mr Fry being able to play with this first version. This is what netbooks always should have been.

And from the man who brought you The Apple Mactini
The ipad instruction video by Peter Serafinowicz

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