This is apparently “make az feel totally special” week. My buddy Taliesin has been re-building my online store, (he also came up with the BEST new header this week!), and yesterday I got an amazing birthday care package from Sledpress, which you can see above.

First of all, more BioFreeze!  Sled had sent me a couple of tubes a while ago when I had a serious “back outtage”, and now I have even more. I just love this stuff, which is not available in Spain. It’s freezing hot and does wonders for clenched tense muscles.

Also, a chokecherry & blackcurrant antioxidant supplement that I’m very interested in trying out (I seriously cannot deal with goji berries) … I’ve been given a 60 day supply so I shall report back mid-March. It looks like very serious stuff.

And what looks like tiny purple Japanese sandals are actually “massage thimbles” – how cool is that??? I think these are actually for Peter, who very kindly gives me a short foot massage most nights before I go to bed in order to help with the awful neuropathy I still have from the last bout of chemo. And can I tell you? OMG!!! P tried them out on my poor  suffering feet last night and it was … well, it was kind of like aaaaaaaaarrrgh!, but I also didn’t want him to stop. Heaven.

The pièce de résistance is that little spiky blue ball, which I believe is going to become either my best friend or worst enemy, and possibly both (this is best explained over here). All I need now is a rug!

Sled … muchísimas gracias, amiga.