I love it when I finally manage to learn something new, especially after several frustrating attempts. The problem with video editing for me when trying to use Windows Movie Maker was that my camera took videos in QuickTime format, which wasn’t recognised by the Window programme. Grrr. And after trying a couple of free format changing downloads I got fed up and gave up.

But after Niko went to hospital and I bought the Toshiba camcorder as a temporary backup camera (along with the Kodak one, both of which have been returned), I discovered that it came with media converter software (!) and so I tried it out… and it still wouldn’t work!! Then for some reason last night I was thinking about the last video I tried to edit and got one of those light bulb moments about what I might have been doing wrong, so this morning I tried it out and… success! Sent the vid off to Victoria this morning to put on her blog – better late than never? Now I just have to remember what I did right and there’ll be no stopping me!