So remember a couple of weeks ago when I told you I had a stalker? And then Raincoaster set me straight and informed me that the person who has been following me around and posting comments all over my blog – after telling me they were fed up with me and wanted nothing more to do with me – was in fact a troll and not a stalker?  Well, I thought that my post and the following comments would have been enough to let this person know in no uncertain terms that their comments were not welcome (even though I had previously emailed them to let them know this), and for awhile I thought they had taken the not-so-subtle hint.

But it turns out this person is either very thick or is so obsessed in their dislike for me that they just cannot go away and leave me alone. Because their latest trollish trick is to now start replying directly to my comments on other people’s blogs … yes, that’s right. Sometimes the comments are of a gushing and fawning nature, and other times they are direct jabs that are offensive in the extreme. But mostly they are “look at me” comments letting me know that this person is still obsessed with following me.

Make no mistake. These are not just comments made on the same blogs we both frequent. As I said before,we have many mutual blog friends. No, these are direct replies to my own comments on mutual friends’ blogs. How fucked up is that? And yes, I can mostly ignore it, especially the silly gushy stuff intended – one supposes – to make this person look good. But as for the grossly crass comments… I will ask the blog owners to please remove them.

I was recently told by this person that I was holding a grudge. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I don’t even think about this person until they show up – yet again, and again – in a very inappropriate manner. They wanted nothing more to do with me and I complied. No grudge going on there as far as I can see…

And so from me to you – please just piss off already.
You are being pathetically annoying.