What a day! My friend Caroline drove in from Jerez to help me move some of the more fragile stuff over in her car, before the Big Move on Sunday. So we brought over about four carloads before heading off for a fab lunch at a place I’d never been to before called Simún (you can see the twitpic feed here). Later her boyfriend Eduardo joined us (he took the train in from Jerez to pick Caroline up as he knew she’d be having a bit of wine at lunch…) and after taking him out for a snack we came back to my place to toast this very lovely day with a glass of cava. And so here is Caroline and Edu sitting amongst the detritus of all the packing boxes and mess.

Sunday will be the REAL moving day. I have managed to rent a van and have found someone to drive it. Now I just need some muscle. One friend has signed up to help since this morning, and another is a definite maybe. Eep. I can’t lift anything heavy and Peter is wiry but can’t lift everything on his own. So fingers crossed that I find at least two more strong bods to help with the shifting.

The new apartment looks great though. Landlords are sending the cleaning ladies in tomorrow to give it a good once over. Then we’ll hang the curtains and organise what we can for the big move. Really hard to believe I only have two more sleeps here.