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I’ve come across this beauty a couple of times coming up the stairs – she seems to have free rein of the building. And yesterday I found her out on my terrace! Since her terrace has “kitteh protection” along the side I can only guess that she made her way over via the roof. Clearly her owner has no qualms about letting her go wherever she likes, and it looks like she’s made it to a healthy age without falling… but I still don’t think I’d like to let Loki out on the terrace just in case.

Isn’t she gorgeous? I don’t know if you can tell from the photos but she is enormous – longer, taller and chunkier than Loki. I’d say her head is half again as large as his.  And she’s super friendly. As are all the neighbours I’ve met here so far (all but two). I’m dying to know her name – think I’ll go and introduce myself to her human to find out.