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There’s an expression in Spanish – como un niño con zapatos nuevos – which is used when someone is excited about a new purchase or gift. In this case it’s doubly accurate as I am very pleased at having found a pair of zapatos nuevos that 1) fit and 2) are rather cute. So I am finally able to put my 7-year-old red Campers out to pasture.

Of course I found these while looking for new sandals as my old Mephistos seriously bit the bullet last summer and are no longer wearable. But I reckoned that if I didn’t get these now, next autumn – like last autumn – I may not find any suitable shoes.

Meanwhile, it was definitely sandal weather this past weekend and though it’s cooler again this week I’m sure it’ll soon be too warm to wear my new shoes, so new sandals must be found as soon as possible. Life ain’t easy when you have triple EEE feet.