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So remember when I first introduced you to my new neighbour and assumed she was a Very Big Girl? Well, it turns out that “she” is actually a very well-castrated male called Pérez. Ha.

Yesterday evening I heard some very serious caterwauling coming from upstairs and turned to see Azar tearing down the stairs in round-eyed terror with his tail puffed out like a toilet brush…

I went up to see what was going on and there was our neighbour sitting on the windowsill eyeballing Loki (who looked like the proverbial rabbit caught in the headlights). So I decided it was time to at least find out what this kitteh was called and I went next door to introduce myself to my human neighbour, which was when I found out that Pérez is in fact a Very Big Boy. And it turned out that my neighbour is Giorgio, who runs Al Solito Posto just down the street from me, across from my gym. Small world or what?

Well, it seems that Pérez is decidedly put out that there are two new cats on his turf, but I couldn’t get over how Azar screamed like a schoolgirl – would have been funny if it hadn’t made me jump out of my skin. Loki was clearly nonplussed by the whole thing, but I think Azar’s extreme reaction was the most apt response considering what would happen if Pérez ever got in here…

For the rest of the evening, long after Pérez had gone, the boys kept watch in case the intruder returned – Loki near the top of the stairs and Azar on his perch between the staircase and the kitchen. Yep, made me feel very safe and well-protected. 😉