I started posting weekly photos on the Saturday Photohunt three years ago this month. Although I really enjoyed “playing” it was always frustrating leaving a comment with a link to my photo on the Photohunt Blogger site. Then sometime in 2011 the person hosting Photohunt switched to a WordPress blog after many people on the Photohunt Facebook group complained about not being able to leave comments on Blogger. What a relief that was, though since many of the “players” use Blogger I still had to just view their photos without being able to leave comments. Occasionally I would go through the 5-6 tries before Blogger recognised my Open-ID, and then go through a few more hoops putting in the wonky letter thing and whatnot, but most of the time I couldn’t be bothered. But least I was finally able to leave my comment on the Photohunt site!

Then the original Photohunt host retired in December and there was a scramble for “ownership”, which ended up a bit messy with two people starting new Photohunt blogs … both on Blogger! Why? Apparently because they are used to Blogger. And so to hell with the rest of us who don’t want to have to open a Blogger account in order to leave comments. You would think that someone hosting something like this would want to choose the blogging platform that was most comfortable for all users, not just for the person hosting. Apparently not. So I am outta there. It’s no longer fun. Adiós Photohunt!