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I love this photo of a small Loki taking a “curtain call”. This was in the previous casa az and I had these curtains hanging across my bedroom door. Loki would race through them, dragging them onto the bed with him, and then commence chewing .

(other cute pics of ghost kitten and ghost cat strikes again)

You can see the damage done in the old casa az vid, and I guess I was foolishly optimistic in thinking things would be any different at the new place…

… especially with a young curtain climbing ninja kitten. I mean, just look at that! A year’s worth of daily destruction. And so yesterday I decided it was time to wash and hang the extra set of replacement curtains I bought last time I was at IKEA. I also decided to be Cruella Seville and remove the sun-basking chair that used to sit in front of the balcony doors, which should cut down on damage done as most of the holes were at chair seat level (though they can still be dragged onto the bed…).

Ah well, luckily the curtains only cost 12 euros. It’s more the having to go to IKEA to get new ones that bugs me. And as I’ve always said, anyone who is excessively fond of things like curtains, rugs and soft furnishings basically shouldn’t have cats.

Here are the new curtains up and you can almost hear Loki thinking “oh boy – fresh ones!”  🙂