In case anyone has noticed, I’ve been catching up on my daily blog posts here today. There was a moment when I thought I would either catch up or drop the whole thing. Which probably wouldn’t mean much to anybody else, but this blog has been my lifeline, especially after I got sick with cancer just over four years ago. Sometime before that I had started some challenge thing about blogging every day, which turned into quite a fun thing, as this blog is basically a scrapbook of things that go on in my day-to-day life. But after I got sick it became the thing that I DID every day, no matter what, and that meant a lot to me. And it still does. But as I’ve been getting busier doing other things online, some days I either run out of time or just don’t know what to put up here. And so then I play catch up, though I’ve never got so far behind as this time.

And so now I am caught up. For what it’s worth.