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sexy beast, shadow and the greyhound

Today I did a bit of tidying up. My little laptop family may seem a bit excessive but anyone who has followed The Saga will know that Shadow was bought when Sexy Beast had to go to computer hospital and there was no way I could be without a working computer for over a month. In any case, SB was already getting a bit tired so it was probably time for an upgrade. When I got SB back I added some RAM and passed her on to Peter as his old HP (aka The Brick) had kicked the bucket. Likewise when I recently bought The Greyhound, Shadow became Peter’s work laptop. Except sometimes I still need all three. Like today.

First of all I needed some printing done, which can only be done on Shadow as I’ve lost the installation discs for my printer (can probably find it online but bleh…) and I also wanted to add some music to my iPod, which can only be done on Sexy Beast. The last one is more of An Issue than the printing. So if someone knows of an EASY way of moving my iTunes library over to The Greyhound, I’m all ears. It’s ridiculous that you can’t sync your iPod on more than one computer, for all kinds of obvious reasons.

But on the bright side I spent a good hour cleaning out old files from Shadow so that he should run a lot faster for Peter now. And t’s also given me a chance to update a lot of stuff on Sexy Beast that needed doing, not the least of which was installing the latest version of iTunes. So I am feeling quite accomplished in the way you feel after you’ve cleaned out some unruly closet space.

What did you do today?