This sounds like the title of one of alejna’s pants posts but it turns out I do have perilous pants. And a sprained foot. Of course if it hadn’t been raining and I hadn’t been seriously squiffy my pants might not have got the better of me…

Yesterday I went out at lunchtime to meet my friends Annie and Eduardo for the first installment of a Tapeo Extremo (a term coined by Annie on our first mega tapas crawl together just over two years ago) and I wore a new pair of linen trousers. One thing led to another and when I was finally walking home around 1 am I suddenly found myself flat on my back on the wet pavement. I thought I’d slipped on the slick surface until I got home and discovered that the one of the trouser hems had partially come down. So this has to be one of the stupidest accidents ever – tripping on my own pants!

What’s the stupidest accident you’ve ever had?