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plum cake
Last month I helped my friend Reyes get set up on Twitter and Facebook as well as create her first ever blog Gollerías (a “gollería” is a frivolous but exquisite delight). You see, Reyes is the woman behind all those amazing desserts I keep posting on Twitter from the Vineria San Telmo, including the best lemon meringue pie in the universe. You know the one I’m talking about. She is also the woman behind Juan and the reason he left the life of a rootless world traveller to become one of the most successful restauranteurs in Sevilla.

Anyhoo, after the initial set up we had planned to get together again soon for a couple of “blog classes” so Reyes could get the hang of putting stuff up there on her own, but with Christmas holidays and then me being sick in bed for a week, that day was put off and put off until we finally managed to get together yesterday at my place. Reyes breezed in carrying a massive shopping bag and telling me all about how she’d somehow managed to throw out her iPad with a stack of magazines the other day and then stopping when she realised she’d also forgotten to bring her laptop to “class” (this is Reyes, a genuine force of nature, witty, intelligent and beautiful – and so nice that you can’t even hate her for it). So I showed her how to do some Twitter and FB stuff on her iPhone and explained a few blog things using my laptop, but we’ll still have to do one more class with her computer using her own photo files, etc.

Which leaves what was in the massive shopping bag. Yep, it was this massive plum cake. Thing must weigh at least 2 kilos. And well, you know I’m not big on sweet things but I did really appreciate that Reyes had brought this for me, all prettily wrapped up and all, and so I thanked her for the gift while thinking that Peter was going to be eating a lot of plum cake over the next week. Should’ve known better. We’re talking Reyes after all. First taste of this gorgeous cake this morning and it became clear that Peter will be lucky to get any at all. Turns out it’s perfect for breakfast with a nice hot cup of coffee. A true gollería.