rompetodosSo those two young whippersnappers Luna & Loki (aka Los Rompetodos) finished their latest project yesterday. This is, or was, a rather nice laundry basket that I bought about two months ago, to replace an old “made in Asia” cheapo one that, of course, they never touched. You see, my laundry basket sits out in the hallway beside the kitchen door and so I wanted to get rid of the old basket and put something there that was a bit more attractive, since everybody sees it. Then one day I saw this in a shop window and I thought it would do just fine. It isn’t actually wicker but has a nice baskety-weavey thing happening, is easy to wash, etc.

Well, as soon as I got it home Luna discovered that if you scratched at it long enough those little bits of fabric would pop out in a very satisfying manner (click on photo for more detail). At first I’d shoo her away and tuck the stray ends back in, but I finally gave up on this since she did it when I wasn’t home anyhow. Then Loki got in on the act and the two of them would happily scratch away at my rapidly aging basket, eventually inventing a “king of the castle” type game to see who could knock the other off the top. What larks!

The main problem was that Loki is just way too heavy for it and, if he sat on top for too long, the lid (which is actually *just* a bit bigger than the lower frame) would bend under his weight, causing it to slide into the basket.  But of course it would sproing back to full size once in there, which meant many long and sweary battles trying to get the damn thing back out again. Then yesterday the hinges predictably fell off, so now this is what I’m left with. By the way, “Los Rompetodos” isn’t a real Spanish word, but if it were a real word it would mean something like “The Breakeverythingers”.