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my passport hd

About a year and a half ago I bought a new Lacie external HD (that I named Scarlett), which I thought would be more than sufficient for my needs with 500 GBs. But no. Or at least, it’s fine for a couple of back-ups, but I realised I wanted/needed more space and have been waiting for FNAC to do one of their “member’s days” in which members like me get an extra discount. And today was the day! Don’t think I’ll name this guy… “Passport” is good enough. As it always goes with gadgets, this 1TB model cost 75€ while the 500 GB Lacie cost 100€ “back in the day”. I almost opted for the 2TB model but may start using more cloud options.

So on my way home from the hospital today, floating on the very happy news that I have another healthy six months ahead of me, I decided to stop in at FNAC to pick up this baby and also stock up on printer ink.

And now I am going to meet my friend Saray to partake of Croqueta Week at one of my favourite tapas bars, Becerrita. Well, why the hell not? There are seven special croquettes on offer: bulltail, jamón, chistorras (small chorizo), mussel, anenome, beef & gorgonzola, and anchovies & condensed milk… Me? I’m up for anything at this point. How’s your day going?