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orange wineI love connections like this.

My friend Saray had helped me organise some orange-themed product info for my friend José Pizarro’s visiting friend Sarah last month. Since then the general director of BurNarj, whose family makes this lovely orange sparkling wine, has been in touch with me, asking if I’d like to have a private tasting. And as special as that sounded, I thought it would actually be more fun with other people to share the experience with. So I invited a couple of friends and yesterday we spent a very pleasant couple of hours trying this unique wine.

Most orange wines are simply grape wines that are somehow flavoured/infused with orange, but this is the very first sparkling wine in the world that is actually made from 100% orange juice from orchards growing along the banks of the Guadalquivir River. It doesn’t get much more Andaluz than that!

Have a look at my blog post on Azahar’s Sevilla for more info…

BurNarj Sparkling Orange Wines