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sketchersLast summer I bought my first pair of Skechers in Málaga, thinking they’d be good for the gym and long walks. Well, I ended up wearing them almost every day during the autumn and winter, they are just so damn comfy. They were also the only shoes I could get on my swollen feet after the incident. But as you can imagine, after wearing them practically non-stop for several months, they were starting to look, well, like crap. So I got online and bought another pair just the same. Being new, at first they almost hurt my sad feet when I put them on, but as they are elastic on the sides, they actually work like a support bandage and make walking easier. Which will be perfect for going to Málaga mañana.

Now I’m thinking of getting another pair. Saw these on Amazon today and thought that – although far from elegant – they were kinda cute and would work with skirts. Honestly, walking in these shoes is like getting a constant foot massage. And I really need that now. Tomorrow I’m going to try on my Mephisto sandals and see if they still fit (feet are still a bit swollen). It was a month ago today that I fell. I was starting to feel desperate – and a bit scared – about this, but this evening one of my clients happened to be a physiotherapist and said it wasn’t unusual for this sort of soft tissue pain to last as long as six weeks. She also said to keep walking as long as the discomfort was tolerable. Good advice!