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the quilt (1)
Well bugger. As some of you may know, the winter (and summer) sales are usually the times I splash out on new towels and bed linen. This time I was out to help flatmate Peter find some new sheets – which we did – but then my eye fell on this pretty quilted cotton bed cover. It spoke to me. And my answer was “hell yes! you’re 30% off!”. Brought it home, washed it (no, didn’t iron it, I like the natural “extra quilted” look, also hate ironing), and happily put it on my bed. Only then did I realise my mistake. I mean, I reckoned that the cats would get a little claw action going on the new bed cover, like they do with practically every soft furnishing. But it hadn’t occurred to me that they would find it GREAT FUN to pull out the stitching. So before I forget what it looked like, here is a closeup of the pretty stitching (while it lasts)…

the quilt (2)